Recently, KingsIsle announced the newest load - the Hoard of the Hydra! for 399 crowns in the Crown Shop, friend can gain a opportunity at the an initial ever three-person mountain - one per head! the course, girlfriend didn"t need ME come tell you about the brand-new pack, it"s all over the place. I did, however, decide to share my few attempts.After Avalon, I"ve struggle the end of mine crowns supply, yet I did victory a Pet-A-Palooza contest over at Valerian"s institution For Wayward Wizards, and so I made decision to redeem one of my codes because that once. I was awarded 5000 crowns and spent a majority of castle on this new pack, but that"s around the extent to i beg your pardon I"ll be throwing crowns into this pack. The fill is great, don"t get me wrong, however there are more "filler" items 보다 ever.

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There room some kind items in right here - the very first picture reflects on of my attempts leading to a newbobble-headand a grandfather Clock!

The above photo is among three versions of the new level 80 wands in the pack, and probably the best version as well. With a stunning 123 block rating, I"d already spring for this wand. Throw in the extra healing and also a one-pip map that"s rather useful, and you"ve sealed the deal.
In Avalon, especially near the end, bosses, and also even "street" creatures, have tendency to have really high critical. They also use fewer and fewer buffs and also debuffs, they just go directly for the huge hit. Once that"s doubled, it deserve to be detrimental to your health. Hope this new wand helps stop that.

This final picture of mine mirrors a couple of the kind snacks offered from the pack, as well as one the the pets. The highlight, though, the a hard-to-find real estate item that looks fantastic - the great Spiral!
In fact, in my recent challenge (still reviewing the 1700+ entries), many people provided this as among the ten rarest items.
In other news, the Test kingdom is up for the weekend, and also Wizard101 has actually a one-of-a-kind assignment because that Vista users!
In the check Realm, there room updates to pursuit Helper, new ways to acquire the rare Amber reagent, Wysteria Housing, and also a number ofmiscellaneousupdates. Inspect out every one of the info at

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I logged on to the Test kingdom to check everything out. There"s a practically glitch that gives you 23 items every time friend buy a Hoard that the Hydra pack, and also so, naturally, the Commons were swarming...


Anyway, the surprised me that we weren"t seeing the three new spells native the pack, due to the fact that their treasure cards had actually the HotH price on them. Guess: v I"ll have to craft them!
My Hoard the the Hydra fill Attempts and Test realm Updates
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