The marine uses countless terms the arise native its long background and traditions. Plenty of of these terms come native the days once the navy crews were sailors on cruising vessels. The ax ‘head’ is choose so countless of the terms and traditions of the Navy; the is passed on to the sailors of today. Recreational seafarers on tiny boats also use the hatchet ‘head’ as soon as referring come the ~ above board naval toilet.

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The ‘head’ board a naval delivery is the toilet or toilet. Today, the term ‘head’ refers to any type of marine bathroom aboard a watercraft or ship. ~ above naval shore bases, the ‘head’ additionally refers come a bathroom.

The term originates from the days once the Navy provided sailing ships. The ‘head’ ~ above a cruising ship is located all the means forward, wherein the figurehead was attached to the hull. Thus, the name arrived indigenous the token on the cruising ship. ~ above either next of the bowsprit beside the figurehead, the crew can relieve themselves.

The navy is no the only organization to use different names because that the bathroom. The Army and also Air pressure use the term ‘latrine’ as soon as referring to a toilet or bathroom. The maritime Corps and the coastline Guard use the term ‘head’ once referring to a bathroom.

A marine ‘head’ can vary in size. Ashore and also aboard ship, the ‘head’ might have toilets, sinks and showers. The ‘head’ can be nothing much more than a closet with a sink and also toilet, or it can be a room with several toilets and also sinks. In some cases, the ‘head’ could also be the size of a locker room v a shower.

There is a misconception about the ax ‘head.’ countless people believe that due to the fact that the cruising crews were every men, the hatchet ‘head’ derives native that portion of the masculine anatomy. This ofradiation has continued through various jokes and also lack of knowledge around naval traditions.

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The ax ‘head’ is likewise used in sailing to explained parts of the sail and mast. The ‘head’ is the top portion of a triangle sail situated next come the masthead. The masthead is the peak of the mast. The aft part of the sail next to the boom is the ‘clew’ and the fore section is dubbed the ‘tack.’

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