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By jan White

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Published 9:33 pm Friday, October 18, 2019

One that the most significant events in background happened in 1492. The why our nation celebrates that occasion with a federal holiday the second Monday that October.

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For centuries the men and also women in Europe looked the end on the “Ocean of Darkness” and also wondered if there was anything past the west ocean. Scholars thought that you would certainly sail off the edge of the world. There was nothing the end there in ~ all. Inscriptions on the shields the Spain’s coat of arms to be its nationwide motto, Ne to add Ultra, meaning, “There is nothing beyond.”

On respectable 3, 1492, Christopher Columbus collection sail ~ above the Santa Maria (a ship reportedly around the dimension of 5 canoes) together with two various other ships – the Nina and Pinta – and 100 men. Their an initial glimpse that the brand-new world occurred on October 12. They spotted an island they called San Salvador – which means Holy Savior. Two weeks later, the Santa Maria came down on the island of Cuba.

Columbus’ return trip started in January 1493 and also arrived in Portugal in march 4, 1493. He announced that there to be a land past the sea, a glorious sky rich past their imaginations. The king the Spain readjusted the motto the the land, and it is still the same today, plus Ultra, meaning, “There is more beyond.”

For plenty of centuries civilization have stood next to the dark hole of a grave, watching their loved people lowered into the earth, and also wondering if there is anything beyond death.

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One day, over 2 thousand year ago, the most far-ranging event in the background of the human being happened when another Explorer make a far more important journey, descending into the darkness the death and also hell.

On Resurrection morning, the child of God arose from the grave as if to say, “There is much more beyond. There is a paradise past your greatest expectations.” The scriptures tells us in heaven, “God chandelier wipe away every tears….and there shall it is in no much more death, neither sorrow, no one crying, no shall over there be any much more pain” (Revelation 21:4).

Jesus promises, “In mine Father’s home are numerous mansions; if the were no so, i would have actually told you. I go come prepare a ar for you. And if i go and prepare a place for you, I will certainly come again and also receive you to Myself; that wherein I am, there you might be also” (John 14:2-3).

Jesus came from sky to the earth, so He can describe what awaits us. And, if God created the heavens and also the planet in six days; we have the right to only imagine what He’s to be preparing because that us throughout the 2000+ years because Jesus went back to heaven.

anne Graham Lotz writes, “The holy bible assures us that our Father’s residence in sky does not need the sunlight or the moon to shine top top it, for the glory of God provides it light…The Father has left the light on to welcome girlfriend Home!” (Revelation 22:4) She describes heaven as a “prepared ar for a ready people.”

Jesus promised he’s preparing a ar for those that confess your sins and accept His love and also forgiveness. Room you ready to go to heaven?

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