The love in between country music singer-songwriter Travis Tritt and also wife Theresa Nelson is obvious! gain to recognize Theresa far better through this facts.

Travis Tritt wife: Theresa Nelson has actually been married come Travis for over 23 years. Country music star Travis Tritt and also wife Theresa Nelson celebrated their 23st wedding anniversary in April that 2020. Keep in mind that she spells her name as Teresa Nelson while most media references present her name together Theresa Nelson. Acquire to recognize Travis’ true love through this arsenal of truth below!

1) Is Theresa Nelson Travis Tritt’s an initial wife? 

No, Travis was previously married twice before. He married high college sweetheart Karen Ryon in 1982 (Travis Tritt mam #1), however they divorced in 1984. He later married Jodi Barnett (Travis Tritt wife #2), but they split in 1989. Travis Tritt wife #3 shows up to it is in the love come last.

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2) execute Travis Tritt and Theresa Nelson have youngsters together? 

Yes, they have a daughter, Tyler Reese (born February 18, 1998), plus two sons Tristan James (born June 16, 1999) and Tarian Nathaniel (born November 20, 2003).

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checking out some neighborhood Christmas lights v my family. Counting down to the large day!

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realtravistritt) ~ above Dec 20, 2017 in ~ 8:27am PST

3) What to be Theresa doing prior to she crossed courses with her famous husband?

She was a Nashville-based university student and model.

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4) how did Travis Tritt and his wife first meet? 

They met randomly at a Nashville restaurant after ~ a “Marty Party” taping with nation music legend Marty Stuart.

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simply grillin’ & chillin’ ~ above Easter Sunday v my beloved bride and also our youngest son, Tarian! expect everyone had actually a wonderful weekend.

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realtravistritt) top top Apr 2, 2018 at 7:36pm PDT

5) how old is Theresa Nelson? What is the age of Travis Tritt’s wife? how old is Travis Tritt matches his wife?

Theresa Nelson was born July 12, 1972 and she is at this time 47 years old. Travis Tritt to be born February 9, 1963 and is right now 57 year old. So, Travis Tritt’s wife is 10 years younger 보다 him.

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6) has actually Theresa inspired any kind of of Travis’ music?

Yes, most notably the song “More 보다 You’ll ever Know” was created by Tritt simply a couple of months right into their romance.

7) how did Theresa react to Travis’ romantic song?

According come Travis, she simply grinned and completely loved it when he played it for her.

8) What made Travis placed his wild days behind him and also settle down with Theresa?

He realized how badly that missed she while out on the road with a bad cell phone call signal. The pair had spent a many time together at an early stage in your romance and also being far from her for mainly with little contact hit the country artist hard.

Enjoy listening to “More 보다 You’ll ever before Know”…

“More 보다 You’ll ever before Know” Lyrics

I recognize living through me ain’t always easyI dam up emotions part men simply let flowBut girl as soon as you’re not by my side ns feel a component of me has died‘Cause i love you much more than you’ll ever knowMore than life, much more than I’ve ever before loved beforeIt’s absurd and also beyond words, i couldn’t desire you moreAnd as soon as I try to pour my heart out to you I’m not sure it showsThat i love you an ext than you’ll ever before know

I’m certain you’ve heard it claimed hearts have windowsBut mine has actually doors a pains past has actually closedUnless one day they open broad revealing feel locked insideI’ll love you more than you’ll ever know

Even when I to water my heart out to friend I’m not sure it showsThat ns love you much more than you’ll ever before know

Yes I love you more than you’ll ever know

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