Billy Gillman is one American singer who came to be an prompt fan favorite after his song, One Voice. The gifted singer is open gay and is right now in a relationship with his boyfriend, Chris Meyer.

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Billy Gillman is prepared to marry kris Meyer. However, the official day of your wedding has actually not been officially disclosed together of yet. The couple of Billy and also Chris first met in the summer of 2014.

Billy Gillman’s relationship With His Boyfriend, chris Meyer

Billy Gillman revealed his sexuality in November 2014. The news was made official after his fellow nation singer; Ty Herndon asserted that he to be gay. According to various reports, the Voice star singer was also blackmailed through a reporter. After the notice of the shocking confession, there was also another news i m sorry he common shortly after having revealed his sex-related orientation.

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A short article shared by Billy Gilman (
billygilmanofficial) ~ above Jun 25, 2018 at 8:15pm PDT

The news to be Billy Gillman was in a relationship and dating his boyfriend kris Meyer. Also though Chris’ personal details have not been revealed numerous sources state that Billy Gillman’s boyfriend kris is an engineer by profession. Together we all understand Billy is a top singer and was among the youngest stars to sign to a significant Nashville label yet now Mason Ramsey has actually taken that.

Whatever the fact the beloved duo first met and also fell love in June 2014. Ever due to the fact that the fateful job of their an initial encounter v each other, the pair’s love for each other has actually grown more powerful with time. The lovely couple seems to it is in happy being with each other. The duo also shared a promise ring which they post on your social media.

Thank friend
PropositionLove. Terrific promise rings. What a great 1 year celebration. And also Thank u to my #bgarmy xox

— Billy Gilman (
BillyGilman) June 1, 2015

Furthermore, together of now, the dynamic couple’s authorized in any type of sort the fight, conflict, and tension has actually not been documented. They look like they are having a time that their stays with each other with no indications of separation in the close to future. Personal from this things, both Billy and also Chris have stayed out of trouble and controversy that can hamper their personal and experienced lives.


Bill Gillman with his longtime boyfriend, kris Meyers. Picture Source: Heavy.

The couple is waiting impatiently to gain married to each other. However, feather at your ever growing love and affection because that one another, it won’t it is in a surprise in the future, if castle announced your wedding bells pretty soon.

Hoping that the pair will obtain a happy and also blissful life, we wish them to succeed in their relationship in the present as well as future. for much more News and Entertainment.

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