If the former of your automobile is dealing with downhill, the prior tires need to be pointed towards the curb. Carry out the precise opposite if parked uphill. (positiveeast.org File)

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Nick in Tukwila sent out us this:

“Guys, settle a bet for me (tell me I’m right) which way do you turn your wheels when you park ~ above a hill? my co-worker and also I parked in ~ the very same time yesterday and I observed her get out of her car and walk away without transforming her wheel at all. I jokingly pointed out it and also she said, ‘You don’t have to do that anymore!"”

I’m not certain if her coworker believes the car an innovation has end up being so advanced that it now defies gravity, however she can need a refresher course.

When you are parking downhill, turn your prior wheels into the curb (or side of the roadway if you don’t have actually a curb). Set the parking brake.

If you room parked encountering uphill, it’s the opposite; revolve your prior wheels away from the curb and let your automobile roll ago a couple of inches. The wheel have to gently touch the curb.

Either way, your car should roll into the curb.

And Nick, if her coworkers starting giving girlfriend a difficult time around being the new “know-it-all” approximately the office, tell castle this cautionary tale: The KIRO Radio studio is located at the bottom that a hill in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood. Recently, a man parked top top the hill and also didn’t turn his wheel in the appropriate direction and you deserve to probably guess what happened next. The emergency brake slipped (or was never set) and also that van shot under the hill. Thankfully, the vehicular missile to let go cars and pedestrians, yet it did make a substantial hole in our fence.

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You asked: when you park ~ above a hill, which method do you revolve your wheels?

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