A registered jack (RJ) is a physics network interface used to attach telecommunications or data devices. The modular connection and also 50-pin tiny ribbon connector are the most common physical connectors provided by registered jacks. However, the most popular twisted-pair connector is an RJ45 connector, an 8-position, 8-contact (8P8C) modular plug, and jack. Which form of connector go a network interface card use?


RJ45 is a form of Ethernet connector that is commonly used. It each other a call jack, although the is substantially wider. Ethernet cables space at times discussed as RJ45 cables since they have an RJ45 connector on every end.

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Because RJ45 is a standardized networking interface, the “RJ” in RJ45 stands for “registered jack.” The “45” refers to the user interface standard’s number. An RJ45 cable comprises eight elevation wires due to the fact that each RJ45 connector has eight pins.

You can see the eight wires, each of which has actually a various color, at the finish of an Ethernet cable if you look closely. The an initial four space solid colors, when the remaining 4 are striped.

RJ45 cables can be associated in two ways. T-568A and also T-568B room the 2 versions available.

The T-568B wiring scheme is by far the most prevalent. However, the T-568A wiring device is additionally supported by countless devices. A crossover Ethernet cable through a T-568A connector ~ above one end and also a T-568B connection is required for some networking applications.

For example, once there is no router, hub, or switch accessible, this cable kind is frequently used for direct computer-to-computer communications.

Interface Cards because that Networks

A network interface card (or NIC) is required to accessibility the network by every an equipment on the web, including clients and also servers. A network interface card (NIC) is a independent card that fits into one the the server’s motherboard expansion slots. Top top the other hand, most contemporary computers have the NIC incorporated into the motherboard, remove the require for a separate card.

Because customer PCs space only provided to connect one user come the network, you can generally get away making use of the low-cost integrated NIC. The NIC in a server computer, top top the various other hand, connects lot of network individuals to the server.

As a result, it renders sense because that a greatly used server come spend an ext money top top a greater grade NIC. Many network supervisors prefer to make use of brand-name cards native companies choose Intel, SMC, or 3Com.

You should utilize network interface cards with connectors that match the kind of cable you are using. If you’re walk to usage a thinnet cable to connect your network, ensure your network cards have a BNC connector. Make certain the cards have an RJ-45 connector because that twisted-pair wiring.

Two or three connectors are accessible on part network cards. I’ve viewed them in miscellaneous configurations, including BNC and AUI, RJ-45 and AUI, BNC and also RJ-45, and all three. It’s a an excellent idea to gain a map that consists of both BNC and RJ-45 ports. You can change from thinnet come twisted-pair cable or evil versa without having to buy brand-new network cards this way.

Prices the network interface cards

For about $5 to $10 an ext each card, you deserve to purchase both types of connectors. However don’t be concerned around the AUI connector. It’s unlikely the you’ll ever before use it.

The majority of today’s NICs, recognized as 10/100 cards, occupational with both 10Mbps and 100Mbps UTP networks (that is, 10BaseT and also 100BaseT).

These cards modify your speed immediately to complement the networks. As a result, a 10/100 card will job-related fine ~ above a network v older 10Mbps cards. Because that as little as $15 per card, you have the right to have a 10/100 card. Brand-name cards room three or 4 times together expensive.

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Although the price of 1000BaseT cards has dropped dramatically in current years, they space still an ext expensive than 10/100 cards. 1000BaseT cards can be found for less than $50, if cards with progressed capabilities like bigger onboard buffers and embedded network I/O processors can price $100 or more.

Here space a couple of other things to think around when it pertains to network user interface cards:

A network user interface card (NIC) is a physical layer and data connect layer device. A NIC must have a physics network address known as a MAC address because it creates a network node. You can’t change the MAC attend to because it’s written right into the NIC at the manufacturing. Therefore, every NIC ever before made has actually a different MAC address. It renders it logical to usage multiple NICs ~ above server PCs. As a result, the server will have the ability to handle additional network traffic. 2 or an ext network interfaces might be integrated into a single server NIC. NICs are additionally required in fiber-optic networks. However, in most networks, fiber-optic NICs are still too expensive for desktop computer use. Therefore they’re instead used because that high-speed backbones. If a server is associated to a high-speed fiber backbone, the will call for a fiber-optic NIC compatible through the fiber-optic cable.