Of the 50 states in the United States, forty-eight are contiguous, meaning they are next to each other. While Alaska (the largest and most sparsely populated) and Hawaii (an isolated volcanic archipelago) are the non-contiguous states. Below is a list of the fifty states in the United States with the names of their bordering states. (Click here for the list of 50 states and their abbreviations)

Maine: borders only one other U.S. state.

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Missouri and Tennessee: each shareborders with eight states.

Serial numberState nameBordering StateNumber of bordering states
1.AlabamaMississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia4
3.ArizonaNevada, New Mexico, Utah, California, Colorado5
4.ArkansasOklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri6
5.CaliforniaOregon, Arizona, Nevada3
6.ColoradoNew Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska7
7.ConnecticutNew York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts3
8.DelawareNew Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland3
9.FloridaGeorgia, Alabama
10.GeorgiaNorth Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida5
12.IdahoUtah, Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Oregon6
13.IllinoisKentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan6
14.IndianaMichigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky4
15.IowaNebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri6
16.KansasNebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri4
17.KentuckyTennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio7
18.LouisianaTexas, Arkansas, Mississippi3
19.Maine (The state which borders only one other U.S. state.)New Hampshire
20.MarylandVirginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania4
21.MassachusettsNew York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire5
22.MichiganOhio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota (water border)5
23.MinnesotaNorth Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan (water border)5
24.MississippiLouisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas4
25.Missouri (The state which touches the most other states.)Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky8
26.MontanaSouth Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota4
27.NebraskaMissouri, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas,6
28.NevadaIdaho, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, California5
29.New HampshireVermont, Maine, Massachusetts
30.New JerseyPennsylvania, Delaware, New York3
31.New MexicoOklahoma, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Colorado5
32.New YorkPennsylvania, Rhode Island (water border), Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey6
33.North CarolinaTennessee, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina4
34.North DakotaSouth Dakota, Minnesota, Montana3
35.OhioMichigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky5
36.OklahomaMissouri, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas6
37.OregonNevada, Washington, California, Idaho4
38.PennsylvaniaNew York, Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey6
39.Rhode IslandMassachusetts, New York (water border), Connecticut
40.South CarolinaNorth Carolina, Georgia,2
41.South DakotaNebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana6
42.Tennessee (The state which touches the most other states.)Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky8
43.TexasNew Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana4
44.UtahNevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho6
45.VermontNew Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts3
46.VirginiaNorth Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland5
47.WashingtonOregon, Idaho2
48.West VirginiaPennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio5

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WisconsinMichigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa4
50.WyomingNebraska, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana6