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Formatting is the fine arts of do your records effective and also attractive. Good formatting distinguishes different parts of your text and also helps your readers take in her message. Friend can apply formatting come just about every element of your document, native a single character to whole paragraphs. Body text needs to be readable and easy on the eyes. Headings need to be large and bold, and they should additionally be regular throughout your document. Necessary words should resonate with emphasis. Quotes and also references need to be collection off native the other text.

This thing starts through the basics: just how to layout individual characters and words—selecting fonts and also making personalities bold, italicized, underlined, or capitalized. You learn just how to layout paragraphs v indents and spacing, and how to control the means Word breaks up the native in a line and the present in a paragraph. Finally, you find out how to copy and reuse formatting with tools favor the style Painter and also style sets.

Formatting Basics

Word faces formatting on 3 levels encompassing tiny and certain on increase to huge and broad—through characters, paragraphs, and also sections. You use different varieties of formatting to every of this parts. Character formatting includes selecting a font, a font size, bolder or italics, and also so on. At the i level, you apply indents, bullets, and also line spacing. For each section of your paper (even if there’s just one), you collection the web page size, orientation, and margins, as described in the ahead chapter. Occasionally it helps to think the the parts of a record as Russian nesting dolls: personalities go inside paragraphs, i beg your pardon go within sections, which fit inside her document.

Each type of formatting has actually its own dialog box, giving you accessibility to all feasible settings. Friend can likewise apply most types of formatting via the ribbon, the mini-toolbar, or the key-board shortcut.


This chapter explains how to format characters and also paragraphs. Section formatting is covered in thing 9, start in ar 9.2.

Formatting Characters

Every character in your record is formatted. The formatting describes the typeface, the dimension of the character, the color, and whether or not the character is underlined, bold, or capitalized. It’s easy to adjust the formatting, and Word offers you rather a few different ways to perform it. The easiest and most visual way is through the ribbon (Home → Font). You can more fine-tune the font formatting utilizing the Font dialog crate (Alt+H, FN).

For rapid formatting, you might not must go any kind of further than the mini-toolbar the pops up when you choose text because that formatting. And when you obtain really good, you deserve to do many of your formatting with key-board shortcuts, never even slowing under long enough to reach for the mouse.

Whichever method you use, formatting is a two-step process. First, call Word which text you desire to layout by picking it. Then style away. Or, friend can set up her formatting choices first, and also then start to type. Your letters and words will be beautiful formatted native the get-go.

Formatting with the Ribbon or the Font Dialog Box

due to the fact that character formatting is just one of the most frequently used word features, Microsoft put the most famous settings right on the residence tab. If you don’t check out what you’re searching for there, climate you should open the Font dialog box. The great thing about the dialog crate is the it put all your character formatting alternatives in one ar so friend can easily make multiple changes. It’s one-stop purchase if you desire to change the typeface and the size, and add that pink double-underline.

Here are the steps:


Figure 4-2. Open the Font box (Alt+H+FN) to change the typeface, style, size, color, and also other effects. Like countless dialog boxes, the Font box offers you accessibility to much more commands than you find on the ribbon.

Formatting v the Mini Toolbar

Word’s Mini Toolbar isn’t fairly as lot fun together your hotel room’s mini-bar, however there space times when you’ll be glad it’s there. A new feature in native 2007, the Mini Toolbar pops up after you’ve selected message (Figure 4-3). It’s pass out at first, but if you move your computer mouse toward it, the Mini Toolbar comes into emphasis showing commands, most of which space character formatting commands. Just click among the buttons to format your selection (or relocate your computer mouse away native the toolbar if you want it to walk away).

Formatting with keyboard Shortcuts

when you’re typing away and the muses are relocating you, the a lot much easier to struggle Ctrl+I to italicize a word 보다 it is to take your hands off the keyboard and also grab a mouse. Since most formatting regulates work prefer toggles, formatting choices like bold, underline, and italics become 2nd nature. For example, to italicize a word, just press Ctrl+I in ~ the beginning, type the word, and then press Ctrl+I in ~ the end. Table 4-1 is her cheat sheet to every personality formatting shortcut well-known to Word.


Figure 4-3. The mini-toolbar offers you access to the most generally used commands. It simply so wake up that many of these regulates are character formatting commands.
Table 4-1. As a an outcome of Word’s evolution, many formatting regulates have more than one key-board shortcut. A brand-new set of keyboard shortcuts is part of the reorganization that come up v Word 2007’s new ribbon feature. Yet if commands like Ctrl+B for bold and also Ctrl+U for underline space permanently burned into your brain, don’t worry: Those regulates from previous versions tho work simply fine.


Keyboard Shortcut

Old key-board Shortcut



Alt+H, FF; arrow keys; Enter

Ctrl+D; arrow keys; Enter

Alt+H, FF selects the font drop-down menu; use the arrowhead keys to highlight the font; press get in to finish the selection.

Font Size

Alt+H, FS; arrowhead keys; Enter

Ctrl+Shift+P; arrowhead keys; Enter

Alt+H, FS selects the font dimension drop-down menu; usage the arrowhead keys to highlight the size; press go into to finish the selection.

Increase Font Size

Alt+H, FG


Increases font size.

Decrease Font Size

Alt+H, FK

Ctrl+and off.


Alt+H, 6


Toggles superscript on and off.

Change Case

Alt+H, 7; arrowhead keys


Toggles v five case options: sentence case, lowercase, uppercase, capitalize every word, toggle case.


Alt+H, FC; arrowhead keys; Enter


Alt+H, FS FC selects the font color drop-down menu; use the arrowhead keys to highlight the color; press go into to end up the selection.

Highlight Text

Alt+H, I; Enter


Alt+H, i selects the to mark drop-down menu; go into highlights the selection.

Clear formatting

Alt+H, E


Removes message formatting indigenous the selection.

In what may be an unprecedented move, Microsoft in reality reduced the number of text formatting options in indigenous 2007. Fortunately, the defunct feature is something many folks won’t miss—animated type. In indigenous 2003, Alt+O, FX opened up the effects panel on the Font dialog box. Over there you discovered such animated impacts as Blinking Background, las Vegas Lights, Marching black Ants, Marching Red Ants, Shimmer, and Sparkle. (Microsoft to plan these impacts for usage on internet sites, the course, not on printed documents.)

Presumably, the basic public had an excellent enough taste to shun these annoying kind effects, and Microsoft to reduce them as result of disuse.

In any type of case, if you absolutely must have red marching ants dancing roughly the perimeter of your letters, the only means to enlist castle is come cut and also paste preformatted message from one older version of Word.

any letter have the right to be uppercase or lowercase, yet when you gain to words and also sentences, you uncover some sports on the theme. That not unexplained to have a heading or a firm name wherein all the letters space capitalized. Sentences start with one initial cap on the very first word only, and also titles usually have the significant words capped. In an effort to automate something that have the right to possibly it is in automated, Microsoft offers the adjust Case menu (Alt+H, 7) ~ above the ribbon (Figure 4-4).

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The change Case command defies the normal rules about selecting before you use character formatting. If you don’t pick anything, native assumes you desire to apply the readjust Case command to whole word, for this reason the program selects words at the insertion point. If you’ve selected text, the command works, together you’d expect, only on the selection.