I don't know if this question has been answered, but I have lost Fawkes. I have completed the vault 87 mission, and have finished the man storyline, and now am in the Broken Steel DLC. I went to the Museum of History where he is when you fire him. But he. Is. Not there. Any thoughts?


I remember sending him back to megaton doing something solo quickly and then fastraveled to megaton and he wasn't there, so I walked the map back to the point I last saw him and found him fighting scorpions

Try searching the citadel where you are brought when broken steel starts, or maybe he's somewhere inside museum of history instead of at the front door. Otherwise maybe Megaton.

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Companions can do several things that will prevent them from being at their point of hire:

If fired, they can get caught up in a fight or series of fights, this could potentially kill them if they aren't armored well enough, though since it's Fawkes, I'm sure the 15000 hp will see him through thick and thin.

They can also get stuck in terrain, I've had dogmeat sink into the rocks of vault 101. (reloading the cell/waiting saved him, info on that is below)

They can be left waiting in some areas where you lose follow control until you talk to them (the med clinic in the citidel after the main story, for instance)


I'd recommend going back to wherever you fired him and walking a straight path to the museum of history (essentially just put a marker there are start walking) if Fawkes is somehow stuck fighting people, you can find him on your way there. Also all companions go at walking pace so he might be taking a journey to get there.

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If you still do not find him, then go to a part of the map that isn't close to them, visit the pitt or point lookout for example, and wait a week. 1 week will auto fire anyone in your party and bring them to their respective hire points (unless you tell them to wait in your player home). moving out of the Capital Wasteland will guarantee the cell for the overworld reloads upon re-entry, which could unstick Fawkes if he is trapped. then go to the museum of history or re-track the route you did before, and he should be somewhere there.

Essentially the only outcomes I can think of is:

the game thinks he's in your party and he's not so it's not returning him there (i had the game thin dogmeat was still with me for like, 4 days so i couldn't hire clover)