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Tracy butler is an American journalist functioning at abc 7 News as a meteorologist. She joined the TV network in 1994 and also since 1995, she has been working as a meteorologist for abc 7 News This Morning.

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Prior to joining abc 7, Butler worked at WRIC-TV in Richmond, Virginia where she anchored the morning and also noon weathercasts. She career journey started at WTRF-TV in Wheeling, West Virginia where she served as a weathercaster.

Tracy servant Age

After conducting ours research, we discovered out the Butler celebrates her date of birth on march 20 every year. However, details concerning her place and also year of bear are currently unavailable. This section will be updated as shortly as we have actually well-founded information.

Tracy butler Height

She is a woman of average stature. Butler stands at a height of 5 ft 5 in (Approx 1.65 m).

Butler’s Photo

Tracy butler Family

Despite being a renowned journalist, Butler has not shared any details concerning her parental or siblings. However, we will upgrade this ar as shortly as we gain a glimpse of the information.

Tracy servant Husband

She has been married to her beloved husband Michael for almost three decades now. The pair met with a blind day that was planned by Butler’s cousin. Michael propose to butler in Duquesne Incline, Pittsburg, and later tied the node in 1992. They are proud parental to 2 daughters called Crystina and Cassandra.

Tracy servant Daughter Tennis

Her daughters, Crystina and also Cassandra take part in sporting activities such together golf and tennis. Castle both play competitive tennis. In addition, they likewise enjoy playing golf through their mother.

Tracy butler Education

She attended the Indiana university of Pennsylvania whereby she graduated through a Bachelor the Science degree in Broadcasting. In 2001, butler was awarded her meteorology certificate from Mississippi State University.

Tracy Butler breast Cancer

During a routine mammogram in December 2018, butler was discovered to be enduring from breast cancer. After ~ going through with she treatment, which to be successful since the cancer was established at an early stage, She disclosed that she’s doing an extremely well. She additionally urged women to take your time and get screened

Tracy servant Abc

She joined abc 7 News in 1994 and also works together a meteorologist. Because 1995, Butler has actually been serving together a meteorologist for abc 7 News This Morning. In addition, she also provides weather updates for ESPN 1000 Radio and serves together a meteorologist because that the station’s 11 am newscast. Currently, butler is recognized as the longest-running female meteorologist in Chicago. She is additionally a yearly contributor to abc 7’s live coverage of a show known together Chicago Auto display that operation in February and likewise plays in the Chicago vehicle Trade Association’s (CATA) yearly golf outings.

Before that, she had actually co-hosted the Chicago wait & Water Show and also All-Star Shootout Golf display on abc 7. Servant acted as a substitute because that weather anchors Spencer Christian and also Tony Perkins ~ above ABC’s great Morning America indigenous 1993 come 2002. Prior to joining alphabet 7, She worked at WRIC-TV in Richmond, VA., whereby she anchored the morning and noon weathercasts indigenous 1992-1993. Before that, she worked at WFMJ-TV in Youngstown, Ohio whereby she offered as the chef weather anchor from 1988-1991.

In addition, servant is a sealed member the the national Weather Association as well as the American Meteorological Society. She won the Illinois Treasurer’s Public business Award and also was called by the executive, management Women’s Golf Association together Woman that the Year. Butler was privileged to get the Public education Award in 2012 native the Illinois thing of the ms Society. She was recognized for the special surviving the Storm in 2014 with an Emmy Award, together with the alphabet 7 Weather Team.

Along with co-director Scott Woodruff, she started a golf outing referred to as The Duke classic in 2013, to honor the storage of Michael Dukewich, a long-time alphabet 7 cameraman who passed ~ above in 2012. The outing hoisted virtually $100,000 to advantage the better Chicago Food Deposit & the hurt Warrior Project. In addition, she encourages children’s talents with her Weather Sketcher’s Club that heartens youngsters to send your weather-related drawings for potential airing on abc 7 News This Morning.

Students age 13 and below have the possibility to send their weather-related illustrations to alphabet 7, 190 north State Chicago, Illinois 60601.

Some of Butler’s partner from alphabet 7 include:

Tanja Babich – Anchor

Will Jones – basic Assignment Reporter

Karen Jordan – Co-anchor

Phil Schwarz – Meteorologist

Tanja Babich – Anchor

Will Jones – basic Assignment Reporter

Karen Jordan – Co-anchor

Phil Schwarz – Meteorologist

Roz Varon – Traffic/Transportation Anchor

Ravi Baichwal – Co-anchor

Lesli Sykes  – Co-anchor

Michelle Tuzee – Anchor & Reporter

Dallas Raines – chief Meteorologist

Leanne Suter – general Assignment Reporter

Tracy servant Salary

She earns from working as a meteorologist at alphabet 7 News. Butler makes rather a good amount. She salary is $76,000 annually.

Tracy Butler net Worth

Having functioned for alphabet 7 News because that 26 years, she is able come accumulate fairly a decent fortune. Butler’s network worth is $946,589.

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How Old Is Tracy Butler

According come our research, servant celebrates her birthday on in march 20 every year. However, information concerning her place and year of birth is right now unavailable. Therefore, we cannot tell her exact age.