Personal Responsibility obliges a soldier to exercise prudent and reasonable actions to properly use, care for, and safeguard all property of government in his physical possession.

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Personal Responsibility mainly depends on the individuals on the basis of the role they have been employed. Soldier have their responsibilities to look after their fellow soldiers and their entire unit and their army. They duly serve their nations with lopositiveeast.orglty, selfless service, honor, and dignity. They obey instructions and orders from their commanders and thereby follow as per the command. Soldier safeguards the society by controlling the violence in the nation.

What is the plateau located in southern argentina between the andes mountains and the atlantic ocean?

One side of the moon always faces the earth, which is called synchronous rotation. In other words, the length of time the moon rotates or revolves around its axis is the same as the length of time it takes to orbit the earth... Therefore, our moon always has a side facing the earth, which we call the near side of the moon.

11. Mercury is the only metal that occurs at the Earth"s surface in liquid form. In fact, it has a density of 30 lbs/L. What is

D) 13.62 kg/L


This problem can be solved by a simple rule of three.

The problem states that Mercury has a dansy of 30 lbs/L, and asks what is the density in kg/L. We have to convert from lbs to kg.

Each lb has 0.454 kg? How many kg are there in 30 lbs?


1 lb - 0.454kg

30 lb - x kg



This means that mercury"s density in kg/L is 13.62, letter D. Letter A is also 13.62, however it is not in the unit asked.

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The people of ancient Egypt were polytheistic.Ancient Egypt, with Ancient Greek and Ancient Rome, was known for it"s culture of Polytheism, belief in many gods. There were many gods such as Ra, the sun god and Bastet, the cat god. Mono, means one which is why Monotheism is the belief in one Polytheistic