UV Leak Detection

Does her go-to leak detection method make it difficult to uncover multiple intermittent leaks? How regularly have you been unable to uncover a leak till after it has resulted in one expensive mechanism failure? countless technicians room in need of a an ext advanced solution. So, what is UV leak detection?It’s a an approach in i m sorry a little amount the fluorescent dye is included into a system and permitted to circulate with the host liquid or refrigerant. The mixture climate escapes and accumulates at every leak sites. By scanning the system with a leak detection flashlight, all leaks will glow brilliantly, do them basic to spot.

Air conditioning Dyes

Sooner or later, air conditioning systems room going to build leaks. And even small leaks, if left undetected, will result in the ns of high-quality refrigerant and feasible damage come the A/C compressor and also other components. Fluorescent dyes don’t require an operating system, as long as the dye was added prior come the refrigerant charge being lost. Many auto manufacturers are installing A/C equipment with a Tracer Wafer™, an absorbent substrate that inert product saturated v a fluorescent dye i m sorry will allow for UV leak detection straight off the assembly line. To date, Tracer Wafers have actually been mounted in end 250 million vehicles worldwide, including hybrid cars. If a Tracer Wafer has actually not to be installed, a liquid type of the dye is easily accessible in the aftermarket for every systems including hybrid and R-1234yf.

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A/C Dyes must Be Co-solvent Free

Co-solvent based dyes deserve to impair the nature of the A/C system’s lubricant, resulting in reduced viscosity and also lubricity. For example, water formulated with the co-solvent fragrant 200 room detrimental come the operation parameters of oil as result of its short viscosity. An additional co-solvent regularly used by dye manufacturers is NMP or N-menthylpyrrolidone. This co-solvent is recognized to be harmful come aluminum, irradiate metals, rubbers, and also plastics. Both fragrant 200 and also NMP are provided in the Pesticide action Network (PAN) as poor Actor Pesticides since of your reproductive or development toxicity or carcinogenicity. By selecting a dye the is co-solvent free, any potential compatibility issues will be minimized.

Nervous around Voiding her Equipment’s Warranty?

Some A/C dyes space approved by manufacturers, and also can stay safely in automotive/heavy duty systems for your lifetime. It’s around choosing the ideal dye because that you. Examine the dye manufacturer’s specifications because that an OEM approval indication.

Dyes must Be:

ConcentratedChoosing a focused dye is cost efficient, as it minimizes the quantity of dye forced to inject right into a system.OEM ApprovedChoosing a dye that is OEM approved by automotive and heavy duty manufacturers will not void any kind of vehicle warranties.

Look because that the label prior to you buy!


Dyes For other Systems

Coolant DyesThe method today’s cooling systems space designed, coolant leaks can be tricky come diagnose. There space basically 2 kinds of dyes on the market for coolant systems, universal and also extended-life. Global dyes will readjust the shade of the antifreeze; extended-life dyes will not. For this reason, most technicians favor extended-life dyes.Oil-Based DyesOil-based systems, such as lubrication, fuel, power steering and transmissions require an oil-based dye to discover leaks. Universal dyes are an ext versatile and cost effective, however some customers may prefer a dye specific to a details system.

Tracerline’s TP-8692 UV Multi-Colored liquid Dye Kit permits the technician to color-code each vehicles fluid and coolant systems to decide the exact source of many leaks.

Advantages of Fluorescent Leak Detection

Quickly finds the exact resource of each and every leak.Conserves high-quality refrigerant and fluids.Very little intermittent leaks are easily found.A system can quickly be rechecked after repairs are completed.Technicians have the right to safely search near moving parts.Ideal because that preventative maintenance and also diagnostics.

How To select The right Light Source

There are several factors to take into consideration when picking a light source. Because that instance, just how much execute you want to spend? Flashlights i m sorry emit blue light are typically more affordable. Execute you desire your flashlight to it is in battery operated or rechargeable? numerous technicians would favor to save batteries on hand than to psychic to charge their flashlight. Is a specialty flashlight needed? because that example, the VioMAX Plus™ (shown on p.6) is designed to check out leaks in hidden and confined spaces. Lastly, the most crucial decisions when selecting a flashlight is deciding what form of light it will emit: UV, Blue or Violet.



Tips & Tools

Direct sunlight might make it difficult to check out the bright of the fluorescent dye.Solution: check for leaks at an early stage or so late in the day, or shade the doubt area.

Line of sight doesn’t always allow for appropriate inspection.Solution: Light have the right to be bounced off an inspection mirror to view complicated areas. Also, flexible shaft UV inspection flashlights are obtainable for such circumstances.

There is a time delay after adding dye right into systems prior to inspection can be performed.Solution: Dye have the right to be added to a automobile before a difficulty presents itself. It will then be completely circulated and the mechanism will be ready to check when needed.

How execute I recognize if an additional technician has included dye come an automotive system?Solution: Tamper-evident straps are a great way to alert other technicians of the addition of dye. This straps can likewise be inserted on the system to warranty her work and also guard versus unqualified repairs. Tamper-evident sleeves room another means to suggest when dye to be injected. Doing this will additionally safeguard restore equipment and ensure client loyalty.


Heavy Duty/Fleet Leak Detection

No matter just how small, every leak has the potential of coming to be a significant problem. Techniques of preventative maintenance – such together ultraviolet fluorescent leak detection – have the right to accurately detect leaks in her vehicle’s fluid-based systems. Comprehensive, multi-color dye kits are designed because that the total inspection of a vehicle’s crucial fluids – such as strength steering fluid, infection fluid, coolant, and more. A mechanic equipped through a full collection of multi-colored dyes can easily identify and isolate leaks in all fluid systems, across the totality of a large fleet the vehicles. These fluorescent dyes space also available for waiting conditioning solution – qualified of detecting leaks in hoses, the A/C compressor, and more.

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Injection Methods




EZ-Ject™ and also Mini-EZ™The simplest way to include fluorescent dyes into car air conditioning and also refrigeration systems, there is no the usage of added refrigerant, is by using Tracerline’s EZ-Ject™ injector (shown in Fig. 3). Available with multi-dose EZ-Ject or single-dose Mini-EZ™ cartridges, it’s among the many accurate and compact techniques of injecting A/C dye. Multi-dose cartridges company up to 14 vehicles, while the single-dose cartridge offers much better inventory regulate with single billable servicing.