You have finally chose to include nose piercing to her fashion statement. Nothing worry, friend will definitely like it. You have picked your type of nose piercing. And you know the perfect snapshot of the type of jewel you will certainly be rocking on her nose.

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But you are start to think too hard around the side of your sleep you need to pierce. Well, you do not do it let the numb your mind.

Ideally, yes sir no perfect next which you should pierce your nose. No next will impact the figure of her piercing in a poor way. Believe it, they always look practically the same. So, pick every little thing side you prefer.

Table of Contents

Things to think about on sleep Piercing AestheticsSleeping v a sleep Piercing

Which Side have to Your sleep Piercing Be?

Getting a sleep piercing ~ above the left side is the many commonplace to be pierced. However in today’s day and age, there is no factor for one of two people side, for this reason you should take the side the feels ideal for you. The left side has additionally been most usual in different cultures, i beg your pardon we will talk around next.

But if you space still recognize it an overwhelming to choose, you must base your decision ~ above the following.

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Nose Piercing cultural Factor in India

Nose piercing is a long-held classic act, therefore its social relevance. In the Hindu culture, forexample, piercing nose on the left side is popular.

According come Ayurveda a herbal system of medicine in India the left nostril is attached to the mrs reproductive system. What this means is that gaining a nose piercing on the left side helps come relax the pain linked with a woman’s menstruation and also childbirth.

Also, in the Chinese timeless medicine, it was thought that the left side and the ideal side were for females and also males respectively. Well, this belief doesn’t have a foot in today’s Chinese culture. So, if any kind of of the above makes sense to you, you must pick the side that you have the social reason to opt for.

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Things to take into consideration on sleep Piercing Aesthetics


Since you desire to make a fashion statement with your sleep piercing, it’s okay to choose which next of the sleep you must pierce based upon aesthetics.

And here, you should take determinants such together hairstyle, face outlook, and also other piercings/features on her face.

1. Hairstyle

Hairstyle is different from person to person. The sort of nose piercing the looks good on one might not look for this reason on another. Hairstyle dram a funny duty in this.

For instance, if your hairstyle falls on one side of her face, to speak left, we advise that you store your nose piercing on the other side. Over there is no allude in having a sleep piercing that isn’t visible enough or doesn’t boost your look.

What this also way is that you should constantly put your nose piercing into factor to consider when styling your hair in ~ the salon.

2. Shape of your Face

What’s the form of your face? No face shape is better than the other as soon as it pertains to which next you must pierce your nose. You were born through the best shape for your face.

On the other hand, learning the shape of your face will overview you in choosing the right side the the sleep to pierce. This will determine how the piercing will certainly look on you.

Is your confront symmetric or asymmetric?

If your face is asymmetrical, piercing usually compliments either next of your nose. However if you have a symmetrical face shape, you should try each with an artificial stud or ring to recognize which boosts your beauty, beauty more.

All you have to do is observe the confront of her shape as well as the jawline. Better still, ask her loved ones for their candid opinion.

3. Existing facial Features

The facial functions that exist top top your face have a duty to pat in whether your nose piercing is best on the left or not. Don’t miss that.

Do you have beauty marks? Pigment? Or various other piercings on a certain side of her face? If these functions don’t improve your nose piercing ~ above that specific side, you should take into consideration having your nose pierced on the contrary side.

Sleeping with a sleep Piercing

How execute you sleep? This is critical question girlfriend must consider to prevent any kind of discomfort ~ piercing your sleep on any side or continual falling off.

If friend sleep top top the right side, you should consider nose piercing ~ above the left side and vice versa. This is to help you continue to be comfortable as soon as you room sleeping.

Mind you, part people likewise decide top top which next of the nose to pierce based upon whether they are left or right-handed. This is to help avoid difficulty when changing nose jewelry.

So what?

Now the you have actually read every the components that you may think about on noise piercing, us hope friend will be able to decide which next you must pierce. Over there will always be an debate on which side is more appropriate because that a lady and also a guy. Yet we should say the while the cultural factor is worth considering, her comfort should be put over others.

Am ns at any kind of risk together a result of sleep piercing?

Just choose anybody piercing, having actually nose piercing is most likely to reveal you come infection. While friend worry around which side of your nose to pierce, you should be mindful of certain risks.

Some of them are:

Infection: This deserve to be brought about by negative hygiene or allergy to nose jewelry. One infected sleep piercing is most likely to present signs that a bump, swelling, bleeding, pains, and also pus.Septal hematoma: This is a result of blood clogging between the sleep septum and perichondrium. This infection that reasons pain, swelling and breathing difficulty.Necrosis: This is the weakness and also eventual death of tissue in the wall surfaces of the nose. It’s resulted in by untreated infection.

What is the nose piercing aftercare advice I must follow?

After having actually your sleep pierced on any type of side, follow appropriate nose piercing aftercare tips:

Wash your hands v lukewarm water and also anti-bacterial.Dip your nose in the saline solution for couple of seconds or usage cotton balls/bulb syringes to use it.Use a hygienic towel or pad come clean your nose.Use recommended moisturizer to hydrate your sleep piercing twice a day. Use the moisturizer using clean cotton.Don’t pick at your healing sleep or the jewelry.If you an alert any swelling, redness, soreness, bump, bleeding, ache or pus, seek clinical attention.Make sure every aftercare product you use is together recommended.

How lengthy will my nose piercing hurt?

This depends on the form of nose piercing you did. A common nose piercing no hurt lot as piercing in the first place isn’t so hard. ~ above the other hand, piercings on the high nostril are not so easy and tend to cause swelling for part weeks or days.

How long does it take it my nose piercing come heal?

Nose piercing takes in between 4 to 6 months. However, yes no pure duration on the healing time of sleep piercing. It may be much shorter or longer in your case.

What room the tips for reducing sleep piercing pains?

Every piercing comes with its pain. Yet to reduce these pains as much as possible, you need to make certain your piercer is a professional. Don’t simply enter any nose piercing studio.

The toilet of the nose piercer is also important. Then, personally, you must be calm throughout the piercing to avoid obtaining hurt. Don’t go for piercing without eating and also abstain native alcohol or overabundance caffeine.


Deciding on which next of your sleep to pierce might be as difficult as trivial together it seems. However, as claimed earlier, those more, necessary is her comfort. Put that first!

If friend are involved that you might not like your selection after getting one side pierced, you have the right to use synthetic nose studs to recognize which will certainly befit better.

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What more? You can decide to get the other side pierced as soon as the first side heals. That method you can always change where you use your nose jewelry.