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Input, storage, processing, and also output. Entry is as soon as the details is put right into the computer. Warehouse is when the info is stored and also ready to it is in processed. Processing is when is information is used. Calculation is as soon as the details is all processed and ready to be used.
Special characters like stars, hands, arrows, and also geometric forms you have the right to use to decorate a document. A repertoire of dingbats is discovered in a popular font dubbed Wingdings.
If you choose Symbol… on the Insert menu, girlfriend will bring up the price dialog. (If you have actually a slow device and/or one with plenty of fonts installed, friend may uncover that this dialog take away an appreciable time to show up the an initial time you use it in a indigenous session, yet after that it need to pop increase instantly.) In the font list in the symbol dialog, "(normal text)" means the font friend are currently using. Come insert a character, double-click on it, press Enter, or click the Insert button. The dialog stays open up so the you can insert much more than one character, and you can “step out” that the dialog to move the insertion suggest before choosing another character and also inserting it.
two modems do a handshake every time castle meet, just as two civilization shake hands to greet every other. If the modem speak is on, you deserve to actually hear the handshake — it’s that annoying series of squeals and signals. The handshake helps the modems determine exactly how they will exchange information.
one introductory display on the World wide Web, offered to welcome visitors. A residence page can include special underlined text or graphics you click to jump to related info on other pages top top the Web. Numerous individuals, businesses, and also organizations now have home pages on the World vast Web.
tiny squares in ~ the edges and also corners of a selected graphic on her screen. You can move a handle with your mouse pointer come resize or reshape the graphic.
A modem counter a digital signal from a computer system into an analog signal, so that can be moved down a phone call line and then in ~ the other end it is converted back into a digital signal so that it deserve to be sent right into the receiving computer. This two procedures are recognized as modulation and demodulation.
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