This expression is generally used together a verb phrase, however can likewise be supplied as a gerund. Many world use it in the context of speak they don’t want to start too early but still think starting early can be necessary. Others use it come apologize for starting too early.

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Origin the Jump the Gun

The literal an interpretation of jumping the gun is to begin running a race before the starting signal has sounded. In most foot races, the beginning signal is often a gunshot, for this reason jumping the gun is to begin running prior to the gunshot has actually sounded.

This action could result in disqualification or having to begin over because it is against the rules. This phrase an initial became popular in the first half of the 1900s.

Examples of Jump the Gun

In the below example, a doctor is talk to she patient through a major illness and also uses the expression in order to say that it might be too early to point out something, yet she is going to cite it anyway.

Doctor: i don’t desire to jump the gun, however these results look an extremely interesting.

Patient: What is it?

Doctor: the too early on to recognize for sure, however it’s feasible that you on the first steps toward recovery.

Patient: Really? That’s wonderful news!

Doctor: however don’t get your wishes up! your results might go ago down. We’ll check again in ~ your next appointment to see if there’s been steady improvement.

The next example entails a professor that English together a 2nd language and also his student.

Professor: What can I help you with today?

Student: I have a question around using the past perfect gradual tense in the passive voice.

Professor: Whoa! Don’t jump the gun! fine cover that next year. We room just starting the perfect tense now. The past perfect gradual is much trickier, and the passive voice makes it even an ext advanced.

Student: i know. Yet I just really want to understand it now.

Professor: I’m worried if you try to recognize it currently it will just confuse girlfriend more.

More Examples

The excerpt listed below shows the idiom being offered in the paper definition of nuclear bombs, and it explains how one person might have started a nuclear battle if he hadn’t waited come make certain he had correct information.

In this example, the expression is being offered to say the someone initially thought they go something too early, but in the end realized the they had great timing.

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Jumping the gun is one expression that way to do something prematurely, and has a an adverse connotation.