Sometimes increasing guinea pigs deserve to seem favor one-sided love specifically when us would execute anything for our guinea pigs. But you should not be discouraged! Guinea pigs love is shown differently from other pets. The fact that guinea pigs room prey animals, who have integrated run and hide in DNA, additionally leads numerous humans to misunderstand just how much our guinea pigs actually love us.

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The complying with list might be considered as milestones and also quests to success over a guinea pig’s heart. Try to evaluate wherein you space with her guinea pigs, and also apply the different methods to assist guinea pigs gain trust and display an ext affection towards you.

So below are the indications that her guinea pigs love you!

1. Just how to understand if guinea pigs choose you? Simple! They don"t run or hide from you

Click below to watch just how to Make her Guinea Pig Love You: illustration 1

Guinea pigs are instinctively cautious and always on alert. As a brand-new owner, when a guinea pig operation away the minute you obtain closer to your cage, you might start come think that your guinea pigs carry out not choose you. However, guinea pigs running away does not necessarily average they perform not prefer you. The is simply their survival mechanism.


Though lock no much longer live in the wild, guinea pigs still retain few of their wild instincts. Because that instance, guinea pigs quiet scurry to safety and security whenever lock hear a strange noise or see a feasible threat. Once something approaches, their DNA kicks in before they begin thinking and assessing the situation. This mechanism helped them make it through for countless years. So, girlfriend shouldn’t take it personally if they run and also hide, no matter how long you have actually them as a pet.

Over time, your guinea pigs may react less strongly once you approach. They might only scurry away a quick distance or quickly come out of hiding once they establish it is you. If your guinea pigs approach you voluntarily, it is a authorize that they trust you and also see you together a protector, a guardian, a friend and also a provider.

Bonding technique Part 1: make Their Habitat feel Safe


Remember once I claimed guinea pigs reaction to “strange” sounds and possible threats? as soon as you very first adopt guinea pigs, they room in completely new surroundings. Brand-new sounds, smells, temperature, lighting, etc. To guinea pigs, it might be indistinguishable to being dropped into a jungle with predators through no clothes, house, food, water or tools. The level of fear might be tremendous, particularly if the guinea pig is still young (less than six months old).


As a brand-new guinea pig pet parent, you need to do everything you deserve to to make sure they feeling safe. Once they feel less threatened by their surroundings, then and only then will guinea pigs start thinking around developing their bond through you. Invest time setup up your habitat, and also do your finest to accomplish or exceed guinea pig housing recommendations.

Here’s what your guinea pigs need in your cage to feeling safe in your environment:

Unlimited access to their key food source puts them at ease. Simply think, as soon as you’re hungry, you acquire antsy too, nothing you? 


Clean water

Just choose food, having actually 24/7 accessibility to water is vital to make the guinea pig feeling at home. Thirst have the right to increase their instinctive reactions, do them more skittish.

Soft and safe bedding. 




Hard surfaces might make the guinea pig feeling vulnerable. They will feel prefer they can’t run and also hide easily, which will make lock react much more to possible threats. Click right here to read about different types of bedding and the best bedding for guinea pigs, like Liner.



(Providing a hidey choose the Crunchy Condo will carry out guinea pigs a ample place to feeling safe)


Guinea pigs require a go-to location where they feel safe. Ar their guinea pig hideout in a ar in your habitat that is easy to gain to. Likewise be sure to put guinea pig fleece liner or bedding in their hideout therefore they feel snug and also safe.

Bonding an approach Part 2: Adjustment duration (two mainly recommended)

While guinea pigs get used to your surroundings, stop from touching or holding them because that at the very least a week or two. This is the duration of time we speak to the Adjustment Period. Throughout this time, you have to make certain they perform not watch you together a threat and also start developing trust. If girlfriend have already had your guinea pig for much more than two weeks, do not worry. That is not too late. You deserve to still monitor the following Adjustment period Plan for the next two weeks to aid your guinea pig feel safer.


Tip 1: minimize Sound

Make certain the guinea pigs" cage is away from any loud sound (TV, refrigerator, washing machine, street traffic, etc.) us can gradually convince the guinea pigs to think that their brand-new surrounding as a for sure environment, rather of a attention jungle. Their small ears are constantly on high alert. So, you want to minimization the lot of threatening noise your guinea pig is exposed to on a consistent basis.


Be certain to explain this to your children, if you have actually any. Stress and anxiety the prominence of continuing to be calm and quiet when the guinea pigs adjust. Gradually, her guinea pigs can get used to much more and more noises.

Associate professor of zoological medication at LSU college of veterinarian medicine, havier Nevarez, argues putting your guinea pig cage in a room that’s saw regularly however doesn’t have constant traffic. That way, over there isn’t too lot noise however they likewise get used to regular task in her house.

Tip 2. Present Your Smell

Choose a item of clothing that you have actually worn for a day and also not wash yet. Cave it on the cage wall surface or placed it near their guinea pig hideout. If friend have Liner, I indicate putting the apparel inside the pocket so they will certainly comfortably learn your scent while they room hiding.

Also be mindful of various other smells nearby. If friend have another pet, favor a dog, cat or bird, your smell deserve to frighten the guinea pig. Be sure to ar their habitat away from your various other pet’s main living quarters. Eventually, you can introduce your guinea pig to her pet’s smell in the same way as yours. But, during the mediate period, limit the lot of threatening smells as lot as possible. Be certain to always take extra actions to keep your guinea pig safe around other pets.

Tip 3: present Your Hand



(Enticing guinea pigs through pea flakes helps to get them come eat the end of your hands!)

While they space in their guinea pig hideout, like the Crunchy Condo, shot to placed your hand surrounding so they could see and also smell the hand. Make certain your hands are not for this reason close the guinea pigs feel uncomfortable. Keep your hand in a safe place for a pair minutes, every pair hours during the Adjustment Period. This will aid them learn that your hand is no a threat.

Tip 4: introduce Your Voice


Every day, spend as lot time as feasible talking come them in a soft gentle voice. Shot to talk to them particularly when they are in their guinea pig hideout. The guinea pig will slowly start relating her voice come the feeling of safety and also comfort.

Once the guinea pigs feel more comfortable v your visibility – friend will start to check out your guinea pig explore the cage, eat hay, and also drink water also with your hand inside the cage.

Tip 5: establish a Routine


Guinea pigs don’t like surprises- it goes against their food nature. So, friend can help them feel more secure by establishing a routine. Once implementing any kind of of the advice in this article, shot to carry out them at similar times during the day. It would certainly also assist to perform them in the same order. Because that instance, talk to lock gently, then introduce your hand, and then (once friend reach later stages), provide them treats followed by floor time. If you placed your hand in before talking to them, you might scare them and also lose some progression you’ve made.

Tip 6: use Your various other Guinea Pigs together Examples


(Using snacks such together pea flakes assist with the bonding process)

If you have actually other guinea pigs, you can use them to display your new guinea pig the you can be trusted. If your brand-new guinea pig watch you communicating with your domesticated guinea pigs, lock will lower their guard much more quickly. You can use this tip even an ext as you progress to the following stages.

Important Note!

The animal Humane society recommends keeping a new guinea pig in a different cage from your existing guinea pigs throughout this adjustment duration (two weeks). And, be certain to wash her hands in between touching the various guinea pigs. This offers you time to determine if your new guinea pig has any health concerns that could affect your other piggies.

So, if using reminder 6 during the mediate period, store your “example” guinea pig top top the external of your new guinea pig’s cage v a healthy distance in between.

Plus, this time apart will assist you get to know their personality far better before physically presenting them to your various other guinea pigs. An ext aggressive or spunky personalities might need much more controlled introductions. You deserve to turn to our 6 advice to Introducing brand-new Guinea Pigs because that advice.

Tip 7: it is in Patient

If you have reached the two-week mark but your guinea pig is quiet uncomfortable, that okay. You just need to be a little more patient. Continue following the over tips till you an alert a positive adjust and castle start occurring trust in you. Some guinea pigs, similar to humans, are much more shy or nervous than others. Reassess their cage and guinea pig hideout location, the comfort of your habitat, and make sure whatever is together comfortable together it can be. Remember, think about lighting, noise, smells, and more.


Older guinea pigs may take much more time to adjust, too. Some civilization say larger guinea pigs can not be tamed, yet that’s no true! They simply require a little much more patience and also commitment from your guinea pig parent. Make sure their habitats feel extra safe through plenty that Timothy grass hay and cozy guinea pig fleece liner, like Liner.

If your guinea pig is exploring its cage in your presence, Congratulations! You have actually hit a large milestone! Now, we deserve to move on come the following step.

2. What go it average when a guinea pig licks you?  

Click here to watch exactly how to Make her Guinea Pig Love You: Episode 2 (Includes sign 2 and 3)

Many wonder what it method when her guinea pig licks you. When you have constructed enough trust v your guinea pig, the guinea pig will method your hand to give


you a lick. This is a technique guinea pig reflecting affection and trust. Come them, licking is choose a small guinea pig kiss! when they lick us or their fellow guinea pig companions, they room grooming your fur and providing comfort.

Some of girlfriend who have actually gone with the Adjustment Period successfully, can have proficient your guinea pigs licking your hand already. If so, congratulations! If not, no need to worry. In both cases, below Vegetable and also Treat Method will help you develop trust and gain guinea pig love.

Bonding technique Part 3: Vegetables and also Treats Method

The fastest way to win a guinea pig’s heart is with a guinea pig’s tummy. Hand feeding has been proven to be an effective method to support human-to-guinea pig bonding. During the Adjustment duration Plan, friend made efforts to ensure guinea pigs do not check out your hand negative (as a threat). Now, that is time to help the guinea pig identify your hand together something optimistic (a provider).


(Using additionally such as Marigold or Dandelion will aid with this process)

Guinea pigs should constantly have totally free access to guinea pig hay, favor Timothy grass hay. Yet you can use their day-to-day dose of vegetables and also other treats to help bond through them.

For this bonding method, prepare some fresh, guinea pig safe vegetables. (If you are not sure how much that what vegetable you have to feed your guinea pig, please describe the listed below video)

Try cutting them in little pieces – bite size for guinea pigs. This will ensure the guinea pigs come closer to her hand to get every bite. The variety of feeding sessions will likewise increase due to the fact that there space a greater number of pieces.

Now that you have successfully gone with the Adjustment period Plan, they will be willing to take it vegetables off your hand. Try to give them one piece every pair of seconds so lock wait a bit in between each bite. During this wait time, the guinea pig will get a tiny nervous and try signaling you that they desire those vegetable piece coming faster. In countless cases, they will certainly lick girlfriend finger or tenderness nibble in ~ it. When they lick you, give them the vegetable piece faster. Perhaps give two as a sense of reward.


(Pea flakes is a excellent selection to aid with the bonding process. Guinea pigs love them)

Pea Flake is among the most well-known guinea pig treats approximately the world. It may take a couple of tries because that a guinea pig to acquire used to the taste, but it could aid you build trust faster. As a precaution, you should feed pea flake and also other treats in usual amounts. Each guinea pig need to be offered no more than two to three pea flakes every day. 



3. Easily crawls onto her hand and lap

When the guinea pig gets an ext comfortable through you, they can even start to keen on your hand during the Vegetable & Treat Method as they prosper a little impatient. However, what is more rewarding for guinea pig parents is as soon as your guinea pig trusts you so much that they start crawling on your lap and also body. Once they climb onto you, you have the right to feel their warm and fluffy belly which will certainly make all the worries and also stress of the day walk away. To reach level 3, friend can shot the Interactive floor time below.

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(The 2x1 Liner is a perfect liner for lap time)

Bonding method Part 4: interactive Floor Time

Like every furry pets, guinea pigs require exercise, and floor time provides fantastic opportunity to bond with you guinea pig. The best method to carry out floor time is come ensure guinea pigs have access to soft flooring – which might be a carpet or rug. If you room worried around guinea pigs peeing and also pooping ~ above the carpet or rug, or if you have actually a tough floor, you can lay down some Liners. When guinea pigs come the end to explore, I imply that friend sit ideal in the middle of the Liners where they will certainly feel many comfortable. Remember, we space trying create a connection in between your presence and positive sensations.


Just prefer the Vegetable & law Method, prepare vegetables and treats. Tempt the guinea pig close come you and also onto your lap. Part guinea pigs will be adventurous enough to climb onto her leg appropriate away (if your guinea pig is anything choose my Peanut). However, if lock are much more like mine Tofu, you can assist your guinea pig feel safer to voluntarily rise on your lap by putting smaller size Liner onto her lap. Liner will also service together a protection for you from vegetable juice, pee and poop (you understand guinea pigs poop the most when castle eat, right?). I personally execute not mind either, however for those that do, Liner could be a life saver