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One way, and the means I would certainly suggest, is "tengo ganas de ir" or "tengo ganas de irme" (I"m looking front to walking away).

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You can say "tengo muchas ganas de conocerle/te" for "I am looking forward to meeting you"

Haha, so ns asked one of my co-workers this previously today before seeing this... Precise same concern (she"s a indigenous Spanish speaker that is expert in English too)... And also she told me that, at the very least in this country, the idea isn"t really supplied in Spanish... I.e. You simply wouldn"t to speak it. I mean you can uncover sentences that would approximate the idea, however you wouldn"t listen a native speaker say them.

I like "tener ganas de.." too, yet I"d choose to offer another suggestion that ns think can work: "No veo la hora/el momento de conocerte."

Tengo muchas ganas de conocerte. = i am looking front to conference you.

Tendré gusto en conocerte. = I will certainly take pleasure in acquiring to understand you.

¡Cuántas ganas tengo de verte ! = exactly how much I want to check out you !

Whenever you"re ready, or as soon as you think you should, girlfriend can add this.

Estoy con el alma en vilo. = I"m in suspense.

I hope this helps


Also you have the right to translate like

Estar deseando + verb infinitive

Estoy deseando conocerte. I"m looking forward to meeting you

This is a tricky one.

The finest translation I"ve watched is:

No veo la hora de...

Tener ganas is an ext like "I really desire to", no "I"m looking front to", back I expect you could say over there isn"t that lot of a difference.

There doesn"t seem to be a suitable translation because that this. It appears to depend very much on context and also culture. Depending on how and also where that is stated you could be expressing sexual innuendo or end eagerness.

This issue is extended in an excellent detail by knowledgeable posters top top this thread.

To say "I´m looking forward to ...." with the correct feeling of pleasure that this means in English, us say it totally differently, ie: Estoy ilusionado (hacer lo que viene) / Estoy emocionado (hacer lo que viene).

"Anticipar" is closer to "expect" and "tener ganas" is too strong of a feeling for this expression.

Estoy ansioso por

eg. Estoy ansioso por conocerte = i am passionate to meet you (literal) or i am looking front to conference you.

eg. Estoy ansioso por verte otra vez = ns am passionate to watch you again (literal) or ns am looking front to see you again.

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There is no, one (singular) right way to speak this: I"m looking front to all counts on the context: what you are trying come say!

The Oxford Spanish thesaurus includes: I"m looking front to meeting him/you (polite form) = Tengo ganas de conocerlo

I think Heidita, a native teacher, taught me this next one:

I am looking forward to ...(for example) going on holiday = Estoy impaciente por de vacaciones

I to be looking forward to tomorrow/ mine birthday.= Estoy deseando que llegue mañana./mi cumpleaños. (Oxford Spanish dictionary )

I expect ths helps


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Espero conocerte pronto.(I look forward to conference you soon)

Espero escuchar de ti.(I look forward to hearing indigenous you)OrEspero con ancias conocerte.

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