together Britain's got Talent launches that spinoff The Champions, we check in on some of the show's music stars.


Given its emphasis on variety acts, stunts and also comedy, Britain’s acquired Talent doesn"t have that many music stars who controlled to do an impression top top the charts, yet it"s still given us some large and memorable acts.

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This weekend look at the very first Britain"s acquired Talent: The Champions, a new spinoff which brings ago some of the show"s biggest and also brightest stars and additionally introduces the British public to outstanding acts who did well on international versions that the show. To mark the occasion, we picked the end a few of the music acts native BGT history to see how things turned the end for them.

Paul Potts - collection 1, winner

Britain’s acquired Talent obtained off come roaring start as soon as shy and retiring keep manager turn opera singer Paul Potts was crowned winner in 2007. Not just did he have a pretty impressive set of lungs, Potts had actually a so-perfect-you-couldn’t-make-it-up rags to riches backstory the was later turned right into a hit movie starring James Corden and Julie Walters!

Potts’ debut album fight Number 1 top top the main Albums chart in July 2007, topped the charts across Europe and also even do a dent in the US. Paul Potts has since notched increase three an ext Top 40 albums in the UK and also continues to have success everywhere the civilization today. See Paul Potts" finish Official UK chart history

He will be returning to the BGT phase in The champions – deserve to he take it all the method again? Well, there"s one perspon spring to settle an old score who might stand in his way…

Connie Talbot – series 1, runner-up

Adorable six-year-old Connie stole the hearts of the judges and the country with she toothless laugh (her infant teeth had fallen the end just before her audition. She was whisked come the last to offer her rendition of over the Rainbow, yet lost out to Paul Potts in the final phone vote. Undeterred, Connie released her debut album that Christmas, going optimal 40, and followed it through a festive album the year after.

Now she"s a teenager, she"s gained new fans uploading performances to YouTube and has sung anywhere the world. Plus, she is ago for a rematch v Paul Potts – Connie is shown to take component in Britain"s gained Talent: The Champions.

Connie"s now grown up – and has a full set of teeth this time round. (Dymond/Thames/Syco/Shutterstock)

Escala - series 2, finalist

The all-female electronic string quartet got to the live finals in the 2008 series but failed to make the optimal 3, pipped to a success by by George Sampson. The team released your self-titled debut album the following year, which peaked in ~ Number 2 and spawned the optimal 40 single Palladio, which they"d performed in ~ their first audition.

The team are tho going, although they"ve had a couple of lineup changes. Castle featured ~ above Pink Floyd’s The unlimited River album in 2014 and also released one more album in 2016. Castle still do at events across the country.

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Escala in 2016 (Rex)

Susan Boyle - series 3, jogger up

Susan Boyle came to be a worldwide phenomenon after ~ a moving an initial audition that stunned the audience and also judges. Her rendition of i Dreamed A Dream, indigenous hit music Les Misérables, made her a runaway favourite v judges and also viewers in ~ home, and also she look at had series three on lock. HOWEVER, she eventually lost the end to the the same brilliant energetic run troupe Diversity in the final. By this point, however, the SuBo train was unstoppable.

You can nearly see the $$ signs in Cowell"s eyes, can"t you?

Her debut album ns Dreamed A Dream to be the biggest selling album that 2009 an international (shifting 8.3 million copies), and she’s notched up one more fiveUK top 10 documents since, with two that those hitting Number 1. Conserve the sometimes awkward moment (everyone remembers #Susanalbumparty, right?) she stays BGT’s many successful export. She took part in America"s acquired Talent: The champions in 2019, yet didn"t finish in the peak five. It"s an outrage!