Use the navigating Pane

Think of the navigation Pane as the mission control facility for an accessibility database. You usage the navigating Pane come open and also manage the different varieties of objects in your database.

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Click the arrow switch at the top of the navigating Pane to choose the type of object(s) you desire to display.

The navigating Pane can display screen different species of access objects. You can change the view setups to watch all the database objects in this database.

Select Object Type and make sure there’s a inspect mark beside All accessibility Objects.

The navigation Pane has buttons for each form of database object.

Open a Database Object

Double-click an object in the navigation Pane.

The object shows up on the display screen as a tabbed item.

As girlfriend open added objects, they ridge on top of each other in the same window. To lug a different object come the top, wherein it’s visible, click its tab.

Switch thing Tabs

If you have multiple objects open, you deserve to use the tabs come switch in between objects.

Click the tab because that the object you desire to display.

Modify a Database thing in style View

Click the View button list arrow.Select Design View.

you can additionally modify a database thing in design view through right-clicking the object’s tab and also selecting Design View native the contextual menu.



The object closes. Remember, closing things is various than closeup of the door the whole database.

Rename a Database Object

In the navigation Pane, right-click the object that you want to rename.Select Rename from the contextual menu.Type a new name and press Enter.

The thing is renamed.

Delete a Database Object

Select the thing you want to delete in the navigating Pane.Press the Delete key.Click Yes to check the deletion.

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