In this article, I will certainly share friend something around Windows 7 backup save on a network absent and windows 7 Professional backup to network drive. Swipe to learn more.


Note: This function not just makes precise copy of your files, but also allows you to see these documents when over there is a network connection. It's really useful for individuals who may frequently change files or colaberate in team. Yet if girlfriend don't have actually these needs, it's suggested to use document backup under the back-up tab. Due to the fact that it's an image paper that stays clear of unwanted access.

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Step 2. Surname the job > Click Add Folder to pick the data you want to backup.


Step 3. Pick Select a network location and choose Share/NAS.


Step 4. Click Add Network Location > fill the blanks with precise information and also click OK to proceed > select the records you want to backup and also click OK.


Step 5. Click Schedule to develop the booked task. You can select to make a back-up daily/weekly/monthly > Finally, click Start Sync to make it.


Notes: 1. You deserve to click Options to set the compression level for the backup. 2. There are two an ext features in Schedule: Event triggers, USB plug in. Castle are obtainable in AOMEI Backupper Professional. Friend can additionally download the trial variation to explore it by yourself.

Tip: If your windows 7 is Professional, education and learning or Ultimate, friend can likewise backup windows 7 come network drive via Backup and also Restore. Please keep in mind if you backup entire computer, you have to restore system image under recovery environmrnt.

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It's simple to backup Windows 7 Professional/Home/Education/Ultimate come network drive with AOMEI Backupper Standard, isn't it? The entire process can it is in completed in ~ 5 steps. Also, friend are allowed to instantly backup files to network drive via daily, weekly, monthly option. In addition, you have the right to compress/comment the backup, permit email notification to obtain final an outcome timely etc. Many importantly, it deserve to restore your computer to an earlier day quickly when your computer goes wrong. Simply download it to gain your brand-new journey best now!

Besides the back-up & gain back function, AOMEI Backupper additionally supports disc cloning. That can assist you clone tough drive come the brand-new HHD/SSD in a few clicks, whether the disk is MBR or GPT. Meanwhile, cloning tough drive with different size is supported, together as, clone disk to bigger disk, clone huge HDD to smaller sized SSD etc. In a word, AOMEI Backupper can constantly insure the safety and security of your computer data. It's wothy a try.