around Take The Long way Home

"Take the Long means Home" is the fourth solitary and 6th track the Supertramp"s 1979 album Breakfast in America. It to be the last song written for the album, gift penned throughout the nine-month record cycle. Follow to that composer roger Hodgson, the song deals with how the desire to walk home deserve to go both ways: I"m talking about not wanting to go residence to the wife, take the long means home come the wife because she treats friend like component of the furniture, but there"s a deeper level come the song, too. i really think we all want to discover our home, uncover that place in united state where we feel at home, and also to me, house is in the heart and also that is really, when we space in touch with our heart and also we"re life our life from our heart, climate we carry out feel like we uncovered our home." The solitary reached number 10 top top the U. S. Charts.more »

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So you think you"re a RomeoPlaying a part in a picture-showTake the long way homeTake the long way home"Cause you"re the hoax of the neighborhoodWhy must you care if you"re feeling goodTake the long way homeTake the long method homeBut there room times that you feel you"re part of the sceneryAll the greenery is comin" down, boyAnd then your wife appears to think you"re component of the furniture Oh, it"s peculiar, she supplied to be so niceWhen lonely days revolve to lonely nightsYou take a trip to the city lightsAnd take the long method homeTake the long method homeYou never ever see what you desire to seeForever playing to the galleryYou take it the long way homeTake the long way homeAnd once you"re up on the stage, it"s so unbelievable,Oh unforgettable, exactly how they adore you,But then her wife appears to think you"re losing your sanity,Oh, calamity, is over there no way out, oh yeahOoh, take it it, take it it the end Take it, take it it outOh yeahDoes it feel the your life"s end up being a catastrophe?Oh, it needs to be for you come grow, boyWhen girlfriend look through the years and see what you can have beenOh, what you could have been,If you"d had more timeSo, when the day comes to settle down,Who"s come blame if you"re no around?You took the long way homeYou took the long way homeTook the long method homeYou take it the long method homeYou took the long way home, for this reason longYou take it the long way homeYou took the long method home, uh yeahYou took the long means homeLong method homeLong method homeLong way homeLong means homeLong method homeLong method home

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Supertramp Supertramp space a British absent band developed in 1969 under the name Daddy prior to renaming us in early on 1970. Though your music was at first categorised as steady rock, they have due to the fact that incorporated a combination of classic rock and art rock right into their music.

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The band"s job-related is marked by the inventive songwriting of rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, the distinctive voice of Hodgson, and also the influential use the Wurlitzer electric piano and saxophone in your songs. Much more »