pure substance the cannot be broken down into much easier substances by chemistry or physics means. Each element has distinct physical and chemical properties.

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compounda pure substance made up of atom of 2 or an ext different elements joined with each other by chemistry bonds.
mixturea combination of 2 or more subtances that space not chemically combined. Not a pure subtance.
pure substancea sample of matter, either a solitary element or a single compound, that has definite chemical and physical properties.
physical changea adjust of matter from one form to an additional without a change in chemical properites -- such as a state change, dissolving, crushing, bending, cutting, etc.

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chemical changea adjust that occurs when materials are changed by the make or breaking of chemistry bonds into brand-new substances with brand-new properties.
law of preservation of matter/massmatter can not be developed or destroyed; in a chemistry reaction, this means that the number and form of atom in the reactants have to equal the number and type of atom in the products
atomsmallest unit the an aspect that still has the properties of that element
moleculesmallest unit of a compund that still has the properties of the compound; at least 2 atom bonded together
solutionhomogenous mixture the 2 or much more substances; example: salt-water
dissolvingthe procedure in which corpuscle of building materials separate and spread evenly throughout a mixture
homogenous mixturea mixture v all components evenly combined throughout; the looks favor on substance
heterogenous mixturea mixture that is really unevenly mixed, different parts of the mixture space visible
productsin a chemical reaction, the compound or aspects that are developed by the reaction
reactantsin a chemical reaction, the link or elements that enter into the reaction
massamount of matter in one objects, measure in grams or kilograms
flammabilitya chemical residential property that defines how well a product reacts come burn with oxygen
solubilitya physical home that defines how well a material dissolves into another material
characteristic propertya physical or chemical residential property that can be supplied to recognize a substance; that does no vary through the amount of the substance; ex: boiling point, ,flammability, solubility