I have just bought a Stevens design 311 twin for mine collection. Various other Stevens-made doubles i own have actually ‘plain" serial numbers, none over 5 digits, top top the frame, barrels and fore end. This one has a resources letter C prefix ahead of a 6 digit number and it shows up only ~ above the left next of the frame.

Do you recognize the significance of this C letter prefix? have the right to I determine the day of manufacture indigenous this letter? execute letter prefixes occur on various other versions that the Stevens 311? I have actually seen Stevens 311s with no serial numbers at all. Deserve to you do some feeling out that Savage/Stevens/Fox/Springfield serial number intake that will help me to date my doubles and also clue me in on necessary variations? can you tell me what the letter prefixes mean? does it offer me a clue come the correct design designation? ns am confused.

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The brief answer is yes, but it would take an ext space than Gun Digest can provide us for this Q&A pillar to give you finish answers. For now I deserve to tell you, sticking to doubles only, that:

1. Stevens used plain number from your first dual in 1878 until 1913.

2. Letter prefixes crept in ~ above the serial numbers used on both hammer and hammerless doubles native 1913 come 1939. They constantly signified a readjust in mechanical architecture or manufacturing procedure which caused an amazing variant.

3. From 1940 come 1948 no serial numbers were supplied on doubles, only resources letters, typically in groups of three or four, the letter(s) occasionally enclosed in a circle, together with an inspector"s symbol ( a heart , a diamond, a spade or part such ‘shape", top top the bottom the the frame behind the hinge pin.

4. From 1948 come 1968 the letter symbols under the frame were adjusted to a ‘Capital letter with a one or 2 digit number" in a 1/4″ circle. This to be a day code i beg your pardon you will find depicted in the Savage-Stevens-Fox pages of your Standard magazine of Firearms.

5. Indigenous October 1968 to March 1988 Savage/Stevens/Fox B doubles room serial numbered in a totally new serial number variety beginning at A000001. The 6 digit (always) numbers, stamped just on the left side of the frame, no on the barrels or fore finish or ~ above the wood, are preceded by funding letters from A to E. The letters do not correlate to production years. The letter prefix accompanied the Savage/Stevens/FoxB/Springfield serial number top top every gun they made from 1968 on. Beginning around 1978 numbers 1 to 20 were also stamped ~ above the three major components, frame,barrels and fore finish iron, to enable the factory to save 20 guns of like model together in a team for pack in the conventional 20 total shipping carton.

Yours is one of these. Since I am interested just in double guns i stopped searching for numbers on Savage"Stevens doubles after 1988 because that"s the year they shipped their last ‘Stevens version 311′.

The highest possible number I have actually seen was on 20 gauge Stevens version 311 collection H serial number E957971. The Savage branded imported doubles, over and also unders or next by sides, space numbered differently. Each design is numbered in the selection created by its manufacturer. As you probably have heard, Savage/Stevens" manufacturing records on their older models were damaged in a sprinkler accident about 35 years ago, according to police officers of the company.

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To calculation an approximate variety of ‘Stevens design 311s" that were make from 1968 come 1988 you could do this math exercise. Since Savage supplied 5 letters (A to E), every on 999,999 guns, they must have actually made about 5 million guns. Probably 40% were doubles in the assorted Savage Brands and also Private Brands. That provides 2 million doubles of i m sorry I calculation 80% were Stevens 311"s. And also that"s no counting production prior to 1968. No wonder the “311” in its miscellaneous variations is the every time favourite American make double.

And think how many Stevens 311s ( and also Stevens made doubles that looked like Stevens 311s however carried personal brands) had already been developed in the years between 1940 (first year of the ‘true" Stevens version 311) and 1968, during which time castle weren"t serial numbered at all! There should be at least 4 million Stevens design 311s, in one form or another, out there!

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