When I very first got mine red-eared slider turtle, ns was over the moon. Ns showered him through fish pellets, and also he loved it. I can watch that dive deep to find hidden treats all day long. Five boy, it was such funny to watch him devour every sort of food.

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But, after a year, mine red-eared slider started shedding his appetite. This to be a substantial worry for me. I started researching why my red-eared slider was no eating. I consulted v the guy with whom I obtained my turtle.

I asked him, “Why is my red eared slider no eating?”

He replied, “It might be since of various reasons. Is her tank dirty? space you feeding the best kinds the food?” Several questions followed.

So i pondered on wherein did ns go dorn with increasing my pets turtle. I knew I had actually kept my tank at the optimum level, and also also, my feeding schedule was quite right. It no winter, and I likewise kept a heater in my aquarium through two UV lights because that his basking place.

After effective attempts to decode the reason, i went online and asked a reptile expert in one forum. We exchanged words, and I sent out her mine turtle’s pictures to check out if she have the right to spot something unusual.

She said me that everything is normal v my red-eared slider. She stated that turtles, after obtaining matured, often eat much less, and also it is rather normal. And that was quite a relief for me. However, she likewise told me that numerous turtles, prior to reaching maturity, eat much much less for numerous reasons.

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Why Is mine Red-Eared Slider no Eating?

Red-eared turtles have the right to go without eating because that 1-2 days, and also it is normal. Factors like readjust in environment, the temperature that the tank castle live in, too lot light, dietary deficits, and also illness might be the causes behind a red-eared slider no eating.

Change In Environment

Turtles can automatically sense a readjust in the environment. Lock can acquire quite emphasize if there’s been an enhancement of new tank mates or plants in the aquarium. Likewise, once we switch their habitats, they frequently need more time to adapt to one unfamiliar environment. As a result, their stress levels spike, and they shed their appetite.

Also, turtles will take their sweet time to evaluate the new tank and also surroundings to uncover spots wherein they can bask and also rest.

These reptiles are also capable that detecting the readjust in water properties. If you have actually moved them or carry out a water change, they get both curious and frightened simultaneously. Once again, together a result, they can not eat till they feel safe and adapt to the environment.

After gift accustomed come the new environment, they will certainly get earlier to eat again. You need to be patient through your turtle and also give them time to carry out so.

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The lowered temperature of the water directly affects the turtle’s line rate. And also when over there are imbalances in your turtle’s management rate, the tortoise loses its appetite and also eventually won’t feed.

Use a heater and UV lamp, i m sorry keeps both the water and the turtle’s basking area warm. Especially during the winter, you need to pay close fist to the basking area’s temperature as it deserve to be even cooler outside than inside water. Because that this, use a high-power UV beam lamp positioned right over the turtle’s basking area.

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Do not place the pre-existing UV desk lamp closer come the basking area than necessary, together it can burn her turtle’s shell and hamper his health.

Here ns have provided my favourite heater and also UV lamp for my turtles. Have actually a look at to watch if they fulfill your tank’s requirements too.