After finishing Pokemon Dark Rising and also Light Platinum ns felt that ns still essential to play another Pokemon ROM hack. Irradiate Platinum was awesome in regards to its story and the fact that that cheats were really easy to find.

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On the other hand, return Dark rising wasn’t as great it still had actually a lot of memorable moments that made me forget around its maddening first pair of minutes. My search for a homebrew Pokemon video game that would certainly knock me off my feet inadvertently introduced me come Pokemon Flora Sky. Was it the video game that i was looking for? check out on further to understand more!


Differences and Similarities with various other Pokemon ROM Hacks

Unlike light Platinum and also Dark Rising, Pokemon Flora sky doesn’t deviate so lot from its base video game (Pokemon Emerald). Like Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Emerald has considerable support for cheats. This method that you’ll have no problems allowing them unlike v Dark Rising.

One thing that you’ll need to be mindful of though is that most of the Pokemon in Flora skies are native the fourth and 5th Generation the Pokemon games. Together such, few of the Pokemon in the base game have been taken the end in favor of the more recent ones. However, you require not worry because I’m walking to carry out you through the list of those that room sure to come out.

Compatibility with GBA4iOS

Like with the previous 2 homebrew games, i played Pokemon Flora sky on GBA4iOS. I was likewise able come play the on man GBA and also the My boy GBA emulators because that Android. Nevertheless of the emulator, the video game play was an excellent and there were no signs of slowdowns or lags (except as soon as using certain cheats).

There have been reports that bugs but fortunately i wasn’t able come encounter any kind of of the game-breaking ones throughout my regular play-through. What ns did encounter was some problems with the in-game dialogue. Other than the though, surroundings (for all platforms) was easy and also just required downloading the ROM (I offered GBA4iOS in-app browser) to my phone, and also loading that on mine emulator.

 Pokemon Flora sky Cheats

The ideal feature (this is subjective) the you could like with Pokemon Flora skies is the it severely borders Pokemon encounter codes. This way that you can’t simply stock up on grasp Balls and permit encounters v the Legendaries anymore. This doesn’t mean that you can not use various other cheat codes though. This is the list of codes the you can use to make your time playing Flora skies easier.

Lots that Money/Cash (Code Breaker)


83005E18 270F

This cheat allows you come get limitless money (actually P9999999) from selling any type of item come the poke Mart NPC. The good thing around it is that the item the you offer will still continue to be in her inventory. I discovered this come be one of the most valuable cheats in the game as result of the fact that it provides buying any type of item top top the punctured Mart that lot easier. Make this the an initial cheat friend input on her GBA4iOS.

Rare candy (Code Breaker)


82005274 0044

This is a cheat that have to prove valuable when you trying come level up your Pokemon in the faster time possible. Utilizing this cheat need to minimize the quantity of time that you invest grinding simply to obtain your Pokemon come level up. Take note though the it is commonly the an initial item offered by the bag Mart NPC (Orange Mail when you buy native the tiny Town bag Mart). That will additionally cost about P4800 (which is why you’ll require the lots of Money cheat enabled).

Master ball (Code Breaker)

82005274 0001

Unlike the Rare candy cheat code, the master Ball cheat code only enables you to purchase one understand Ball at a time (instead that in bulk). This can be a little inconvenient however you should be able to remedy this by enhancing the game’s speed settings on GBA4iOS. When you’ve excellent that, you have the right to spam the A button to buy the grasp Ball from any kind of Poke Mart NPC because that P0.

Walk through Walls (Action Replay/Game Shark)

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Walking v walls has constantly been among the Pokemon games’ most conveniently abused hacks. It’s additionally one the the most helpful especially for homebrew Pokemon games like Flora Sky. You deserve to hasten her journey from small Town come Puel City by making use of this password to stop the random trainer battles follow me the way.

HMs (Code Breaker)


These are few of the important HMs you’ll require to breakthrough the story without having actually to take on quests. You’ll want to have actually at least a Flying, Fighting, and also Water type Pokemon in your party to have the ability to use this HMs.



82005274 0153

Have one of your Pokemon find out this to reduced trees as soon as not in battle.



82005274 0154

Enables the Pokemon through this relocate to paris on its first turn and attack on its second.



82005274 0155

Teach this come a Water Pokemon in order because that you come travel across water.



82005274 0156

Make your Pokemon strong enough to move those pesky boundaries blocking her way.



82005274 0157

Have her Pokemon discover this so the you’ll never shed your method in the dark caves.

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Rock Smash


82005274 0158

Break any type of rock that’s foolish sufficient to was standing in you and your Fighting Pokemon’s path.