Parallel Lines

Lines are parallel if they are always the very same distance apart (called "equidistant"), and also will never meet. Just remember:

Always the very same distance apart and never touching.

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The red heat is parallel come the blue line in each of these examples:


Try that yourself:

Pairs that Angles


When parallel lines gain crossed by one more line (which is referred to as a Transversal), you have the right to see that countless angles are the same, together in this example:

These angles have the right to be made right into pairs the angles which have special names.

Click on each surname to see it highlighted:

Now play through it here. Try dragging the points, and choosing different angle types. Friend can additionally turn "Parallel" turn off or on:

Testing for Parallel Lines

Some that those special pairs that angles deserve to be offered to test if present really are parallel:
If any kind of Pair the ...

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Corresponding Angles space equala = e
Alternate interior Angles room equalc = f
Alternate Exterior Angles room equalb = g
Consecutive interior Angles add up come 180°d + f = 180°
... Then the lines are Parallel
These lines are parallel, due to the fact that a pair of matching Angles room equal.
These lines room not parallel, due to the fact that a pair the Consecutive interior Angles carry out not include up to 180° (81° + 101° =182°)
These currently are parallel, since a pair of alternate Interior Angles space equal

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