The 14" x 12" 7-Person Family Tent With Porch has been discontinued.If you"re looking for something new, check out the best tents and shelters for 2021.

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Dawn Gruber

Do u still have the directions for yours and if so could u send me pictures bought mine at a yard sale no instructions

7 years ago

This is the best designed family tent ever made. I waterproofed every seam and not a drop has ever got inside. It can be a bear to setup if you have a wind blowing.

I wish they still made this tent. I want to buy a spare for when I wear mine out.

We love our tent. Not only have my husband and I enjoyed it but we took our grandkids and they had a ball. We have at every trip always received compliments about our tent with the screened porch. So nice. I would recommend one like ours to anyone who likes to tent camp. Very roomy and sturdy.

I"d recommend the 14" x 12" Ozark Trail tent that we pruchased. We went through a wicked thunder/rainstorm over a couple of nights. The tent held up well even with a couple of leaks. I don"t know how you wouldn"t get a little leaking with the weather we went through.

I have always had smaller tents and this was my first big tent and I have been pretty happy with it. I have made many trips with it in much worse conditions then a person should camp in. In sub freezeing temps with no wind the condensation from your breath will freeze to the roof (wi late oct.) 30+ mph gust will go under rain fly and create breeze inside with all windows and doors closed not good in sub freezeing temps. (mo early mar.) Heavy rain with high winds associated with tornado watch will cause windows to leak at zippers (il may).

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Floating ember from fire landing on rain fly most times will not burn a hole in fly but duct tape on both sides great patch (il june) Torrential downpour will cause porch to floor to become river because fly does not extend out or down far enough past screen corners however water leaves fast due to mesh section between porch and sleeping quaters (il aug). Can fit two double flocked queen sized air mattress and single sized air matress inside (mo mid-march)

All in all I have taken this tent out a ton of times in great and not so great weather with little additional care after initial seam sealing and occasional sctochgaurd touch up. This tent has been good enough to me that I am looking for a replacement fly as mine is starting to get tiny holes on the fold lines. It does a good job of keeping the inside dry as long as you never touch the sides but that is every tent and during heavy rain you will get small puddles here and there but that is to be expected from any tent that has been put through the test.

Once the tent is up it is strong and fairly well built as my two-year old did not see the no-seeum door and ran full blast into it and bounced off. Started out with a three star rating but will go to four this really has been a good tent. My brother liked it so well he went and got the same model.

Design: two room warm season cabinSleeps: 6+Ease of Setup: pretty easy but need a tall person to finishWeight: 40 lbsPrice Paid: $70