Master P, aka Percy Robert Miller, aka P. Miller, is one American actor, rapper, investor, entrepreneur, movie maker, author, philanthropist and also record producer. The is also the founder that No border Records, which later re-launched as brand-new No limit Records, then together Guttar Music Entertainment, and also finally as No border Forever Records.

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He is likewise the CEO and also founder the P. Müller Enterprises, a service conglomerate for entertainment, and likewise the Better black Television, a cable TV network. Although he was brought up in hunger and also poverty, he made decision his own ways to build his career, and earn the wealth and fame the is yes, really worthy of.


Master p was born in brand-new Orleans in 1970. His parents acquired divorced, and also he, together with his 4 siblings, was lugged up by their father in the Calliope projects of brand-new Orleans. They were an extremely poor, and their ar was notoriously famed for high crime rate.


With time, he got sick that this bad living, and made increase his psychic to try hands in business. His grandfather passed away a few years later, and also he obtained a malpractice negotiation of $10,000. He used this money to open No limit Records, a record store adjacent Richmond in California. This was the start of his career, and also there is no feather back.


Master p married Sonya C in 1989, who is herself a famous singer. She is best known because that Freak Hoes, i’m Bout it, bout it, The lord is Testin me, I gained Candy and also other songs. She has actually been working v the Music group TRU because 1992, and is associated in No limit Records, and additionally Priority Records.


Together, they have actually 9 children, that themselves have actually made a surname in the industry. Now, the pair have filed because that divorce, and waiting because that the legit decision.


Lil Romeo, aka Percy Romeo müller Jr., aka Maserati Rome aka Romeo müller is an American actor, rapper, model, entrepreneur and also basketball player. Cymphonique Miller, aka Cymphonique, is a singer, songwriter and also actress, finest known because that Opposite Day, and How come Rock. Tytyana müller is an American actress, finest known for ‘A mummy Choice’ the 2010.


Veno miller is likewise an actor, ideal known because that Sunday school Musical, web Dating, and The Malibu Tapes. Italy Miller and also Inty fearbut are likewise American actresses. Young V is additionally an American actor functioning for the Guttar Music Entertainment. Mercy Miller and Hercy Miller space still as well young to start their career, but like their siblings, castle are additionally sure to seek a job in singing or acting.


Master P has actually three brothers, Silkk The Shocker aka Vyshonne King miller (rapper), C-Murder aka Corey fearbut (rapper) and Kevin miller (voice actor), every one of whom are likewise renowned surname in the entertainment industry.

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Kevin müller is ideal known to be the voice actor of sly Cooper, the main character that the cunning Cooper video clip game.