While utilizing a triple beam balance (In grams) the fixed of a pencil is around 4.4 grams, in the instance of my experiment. (It depends which pencil friend used, I supplied a Ticonderoga pencil)

The mass will rely on the amount of product that comprises the pencil or the pen. Fixed is an intrinsic property that you have the right to calculate by acquisition a measure of the weight using the formula: w = mg. Wherein (g) is the acceleration on the mass due to gravity (provided that is "close" come the Earth"s surface).

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A couple of examples:

If a pen weighs 1 lb (a seriously heavy pen), climate its mass would be

m = 1 lb/32 (ft/s2) = 0.03125 slug (slug is the unit of mass in the brother system)

Likewise if a pen weighs 1 N, then its mass would be

m = 1N/9.81 (m/s2) = 0.1019 kilograms

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Michael B.

It must be provided however, that world often misuse mass and also weight interchangeably also though they room two discrete quantities. If you placed a pen ~ above a scale in the lab (due to the architecture of the scale used) you will get a readout that indicates a mass amount in grams, however if you step on your own bathroom range you will see your weight in pounds.


Glory B.

That offered no good information what so ever what around the pencil I have to know about the pencil not the pen this website is stupid why did ns click five that"s appropriate it claimed answers come the mass of a pen and pencil you men need come give more information and also do not say the you put pencil cause you didn"t 

Halie M.

I agree you men do have to give much more specific answers.

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