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Bonus themesSuccessfully finish the indicated task come unlock the equivalent theme:Kingdom mind 358/2 Days: Successfully finish Kingdom hearts 358/2 Days. Kingdom Hearts: last Mix: Successfully finish Kingdom Hearts: last Mix. Kingdom understanding Re: Chain of Memories: Successfully finish Kingdom understanding Re: Chain of Memories.

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Kingdom hearts 358/2 Days

Theater mode
Successfully finish the video game to unlock theatre mode, which permits you come replay the game"s cinematics.Challenge missionsCollect Ordeal Badges and also Ordeal Blazons to unlock an obstacle missions.Bonus charactersSuccessfully finish the suggested task come unlock the corresponding character in Mission mode:Donald: Get advocated to Expert.Goofy: Get promoted to Master.King Mickey: Successfully complete the game, then acquisition the Return the The King item native the Moogle Shop. Riku: Get promoted to Agent.Sora: Successfully finish all missions (100% video game completion), then purchase the heart Of Sora item indigenous the Moogle Shop. Xion: Get advocated to Rookie.

Dual-wielding RoxasSuccessfully finish the game, then purchase the Zero gear from the Moogle Shop. Equip it on Roxas in Mission mode, then include three capability Units to it is in able to dual wield with Roxas.Limit PassSuccessfully finish all Mission mode missions with a "Gold Crown" rank to unlock the "Limit Pass" in the Moogle shop because that purchase. This item enables you come customize borders in Mission mode.Free items native the organizationsMake sure to speak to every one of the organizations in the Grey Area after you finish a mission. Lock may provide you cost-free items or searches to be done. If you finish the searches they give to you, periodically they will offer you rare items such together Diamonds.Freebies itemsGet the indicated variety of Crowns native completing objectives in Mission and also Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding item under "Freebies" at the shop:Adamanite X2 (material): 180 Crowns Aero X3 (magic): 25 Crowns Aeroga (magic): 130 Crowns Aerora X3 (magic): 80 Crowns Blizzara X2 (magic): 40 Crowns Blizzard X3 (magic): 15 Crowns Crimson Blood (ring): 160 Crowns Cura X2 (magic): 35 Crowns Elixir X10: 70 Crowns Ether X10: 8 Crowns security Unit (L): 240 Crowns Hi-Ether X10: 55 Crowns Hi-Potion X10: 50 Crowns elevator Gear+ (3) (weapon): 10 Crowns border recharge X5: 75 Crowns LV Doubler (6): 260 Crowns LV Quadrupler (3): 220 Crowns Magic unit (L): 190 Crowns Master"s one (ring): 358 Crowns Mega-Ether X10: 100 Crowns Mega-potion X10: 90 Crowns Megalixir X5: 120 Crowns an enig Gear (3) (weapon): 60 Crowns Panacea X10: 30 Crowns potion X10: 5 Crowns strength Unit (L): 170 Crowns Premium Orb (material): 140 Crowns Rune Ring (ring): 200 Crowns slide Dash LV+ (L): 150 Crowns Slot Releaser: 65 Crowns Slot Releaser: 20 Crowns Slot releaser: 280 Crowns Slot Releaser: 45 Crowns Slot Releaser: 85 Crowns Slot Releaser: 1 CrownUltimate equipment (6) (weapon): 110 Crowns Valor Gear+ (2) (weapon): 2 Crowns

Synthesis Moogle itemsCollect the indicated variety of Sigils native the Holo-Mission difficulties to unlock the matching item indigenous the synthetic Moogle:Casual gear (2): 15 Sigils cure X3: 25 Sigils Fira X2: 45 Sigils Fira X3: 20 Sigils Glide (5): 150 Sigils Glide Lv+ (L): 170 Sigils Haste: 10 Sigils Haste (3): 100 Sigils Haste Lv+ (L): 200 Sigils Haste Lv+ L: 110 Sigils Level Up: 210 Sigils Level Up: 140 Sigils Level Up: 230 Sigils Level Up: 90 Sigils LV Doubler (6): 180 Sigils LV Tripler (4): 220 Sigils Omega Gear: 160 Sigils Phantom Gear+ (4): 70 Sigils Rage equipment (5): 120 Sigils Slot Releaser: 190 Sigils Slot Releaser: 240 Sigils Slot Releaser: 130 Sigils Slot Releaser: 5 Sigils Slot Releaser: 80 Sigils Slot Releaser: 50 Sigils Slot Releaser: 30 Sigils Thundara X2: 60 Sigils Thundara X3: 35 Sigils Ultima Weapon: 255 Sigils Wild Gear+ (3): 40 Sigils

TrophiesSuccessfully complete one of the complying with tasks to get a trophy:Days of link (Bronze): watch Chapters 1 v 37. Work of enjoy (Bronze): check out Chapters 38 with 74. Where the love Lies (Bronze): see Chapters 75 with 109.Additionally, there space three an enig trophies:358/2 Days finish (Gold): obtain all trophies. Every Diaries review (Gold): Read all of Roxas" diaries. Every Reports read (Gold): Read every one of the mystery Reports.

Kingdom Hearts: last Mix

Alternate finishing sequence
Successfully finish the game with every keyholes, 99 Dalmatians, and also the Hades Cup.Infinite magicThis technique requires that you have the summons order Bambi, which girlfriend can gain in 100 Acre Woods. The abilities of treasure Magnet and Jackpot are likewise very good to have. Unlimited magic is actually quite intuitive, though not necessarily evident to all players: Summon Bambi, and also have the endowment Magnet and also Jackpot capability on. This allows the rapid collection of, and also increases the number of Magic bubbles Bambi drops, respectively. You will gain magic earlier at an incredible rate. This have the right to be supplied throughout a battle, or merely to refill your magic at the finish of a battle without the require for Ethers. That is ideal to summon Bambi and fill up her magic bar just before killing the last biology you are fighting. Also, endless magic also means unlimited health when coupled through the cure spell. Of course, Bambi will certainly not show up everywhere, such as the Coliseum, where this technique would be exceptionally useful.

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Easy moneyUse the "Infinite magic" cheat to assist collect items and also money. Discover an open up area wherein a many of adversaries appear, usage your area impact spells, specifically Thunder, repetitively then operation around and collect everything that falls. Remember come equip endowment Magnet to assist collect and Jackpot on as many party members that have actually it to increase the item autumn rate. A great location to try this is Traverse Town"s second and third districts after closing increase the Keyhole.