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Jinx,thanks because that the picture (CriscoKid: many thanks for uploading them).OK, this is a version VIII (8), Sauer"s top seller. A middle course model. Appears to it is in in a quiet pretty condition.This certain gun was exported native Germany to Austria in 1927 where it to be proofed again (Austria did not accept the German proof procedure (and evil versa) and also made their very own proof procedure).RegardsMartin
You"re welcome - glad i could aid out. {hs#For $300, though, friend oughta be charged v Grand Theft.
Oh WOW! from Germany come Austria? i was stationed in Germany (Wurzburg) and went come Salzburg because that a main on leave. Critical year i inherited an M1 carbine the was lend/leased come Austria (Salzburg area markings)after the war from my father and also now I pick up a beauty, beauty of a shotgun (on a whim) the went from Germany to Austria come the US. Talk around 3 degrees of separation!Thanks Sauerfan for her info and thanks males for your aid loading the pics. I"ll autumn a bird or 2 for "ya!

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Hello,hello, this is Lurcher from Germany,Sauer und Sohn were big scale gunmakers in Suhl in the ar of Thuringia.When the American troops withdrew,in July 1945 it became part of the SBZ=Soviet populated Zone of Germany.All personal companies to be natiolized,and the owners of Sauer fled to the West and collection up a new factory in Eckernförde,County of Schleswig-Holstein,where they began to make weapons again in the 1950ties.The agency now belongs come the Blaser Group,sporting weapons are currently being made ns Izny,whilst the pistol manufacturing remained in Eckernförde.-Pre 1945 Sauer made a an excellent variety of shotguns,Drillings,Pistols etc. The bulk of Shotguns were A&D,but sidelock weapons were made as well,some very elaborate v profuse engraving.I guess that your gun is an A&D,non-ejector or ejectorLook because that the evidence marks.On the barrels or on the flats friend will uncover a note like 3/36 i.e. March 1936,sometimes a letter code was provided A for 1 and also so forth.If friend can carry out further data and a photograph,I can be able to administer you with an ext information.I have numerous friends in Suhl,and could dig out something.Sauer und Sohn have actually a website,look because that it.Lurcher