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Kelly van Slyke, Brian Harman’s Wife: 5 quick Facts You must Know

2. They have a One-Year-Old Daughter named CooperMarie

see this short article on Instagram

beyond grateful. #coopermarieharman #Ilovebrianharman A special say thanks to you come
cdflexer because that being together an amazing nurse and also friend come Brian, Cooper and I. We love you!

A article shared by
kvsharman ~ above Jun 9, 2016 at 3:51am PDT

As mentioned, Harman and Kelly had actually a daughter top top June 8 of 2016. Kelly post the news ~ above Instagram stating “Beyond grateful. #coopermarieharman #Ilovebrianharman A special thank you to
cdflexer for being such an amazing nurse and friend to Brian, Cooper and also I. Us love you!”

You can uncover a short gallery of picture of your daughter ~ above Zimbio, complete with Cooper safety time v her mom and dad on the golf course.

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3. Brian’s Father, Eric Harman, Isn’t a Golf Fan

Happy Father\"s job pops.

— Brian Harman (
harmanbrian) June 15, 2014

Before Brian’s Master’s debut earlier in 2015, the excitement was swirling approximately his family. So lot so, that his father and also mother, Eric and Nancy Harman, determined to to visit the tournament for the an initial time. According to the Savannah Morning News, Brian’s dad admitted the he wouldn’t it is in going come the event if his boy wasn’t play in it.

“I would not walk if Brian wasn’t playing,” stated Eric Harman, a Savannah native. “I’m honestly no a huge fan of golf.”

Obviously, the enjoys city hall his kid play, and also the two have both been to plenty of events, however just never ever The Masters. Through his recent play, though, there’s no inquiry that his family has took pleasure in his superior run at the 2017 U.S. Open.

4. Eric Harman own His very own Dental Practice

While Brian has had success ~ above the PGA Tour, his dad has developed his own brand. He’s a DMD, or physician of clinical Dentistry, and owns his own practice. According to Golf Digest, Eric likewise was a valedictorian in high school. While Eric own his very own dental practice and also is definitely skilled in that, his son admitted come the his dad isn’t precisely the ideal golfer.

The dad is not an excellent at golf. I recognize this since Brian Harman told me that and also I don’t think he would certainly misrepresent his father’s golf game.

Apparently, the golfing gene didn’t bless Eric.

5. Brian’s Mother, Nancy Harman, Is a Chemist



As Golf Digest sharp out, Nancy is not only a chemist however apparently, her and her son have actually quite a bit in common. They said that Brian is more like his mother, together he’s “brilliant, thorough, stubborn, tough and an extremely detail-oriented.”

Nancy likewise seems to lock in ~ above Brian’s career together a golfer and spoke with around how concerned she was ahead the his an initial PGA Tour victory at the john Deere Classic ago in 2014. Apparently, she to be “nervous” on his last hole, yet he only essential to three-putt as soon as he hit the eco-friendly to win, for this reason she to be “confident” as soon as it came under to that.

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Overall, Brian Harman seems to have a family that’s specialized to his craft, while additionally building your own extremely impressive careers as well.