I"m do the efforts a very straightforward beans-and-rice recipe, yet I noticed it calls for instant brown rice, and also I"m using regular.

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The recipe has actually me positiveeast.org the rice in ~ a quick sauce (tomato, black beans, seasoning), but I"m worried (albeit through no actual certain foundation) the the sauce might not work-related well under a much longer positiveeast.org time. Conversely, stirring the in mid-positiveeast.org sounds like a Not great Thing because that rice.

Do I should do anything distinct to do this substitution work?


Instant rice is simply parboiled rice do to chef faster. Because brown rice bring away a substantially longer time to cook than minute rice, girlfriend might shot positiveeast.org her rice an initial until its 1/2 to 2/3 done, then move it to the sauce to finish positiveeast.org and absorb the flavor.


That "sauce" have to work fine with a longer positiveeast.org time. I"d simply go for it.

If you desire to be careful, the should also be fine to chef the rice partially, v the seasonings and any fluid from the original recipe, and then row in the remainder for the staying positiveeast.org.


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