I find it really hard to gain a distinctive sound from the word for 绿 (lü4 - green), Lu, and, Liu (as in Liu Bei). Obviously, Lu is specifically how the reads in English, however the other two are tough to obtain right v the tongue.

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How have the right to I express this sound?



The sound represented by the ü sound in positiveeast.org is the exact same as the German ü; this sound is a nearby front rounded vowel, the IPA is ; you deserve to hear a sample in the link.

As you check out in the table listed below in that wikipedia article, i beg your pardon lists the languages the possess this sound, we check out both Mandarin (which uses green as the example) and German. So the sound is the same.

The best means to teach this is:

Pronounce one "ee" sound, in English, choose for "feel".

Basically, you have the same lips position because that U and Ü, however a different tongue position, the one because that the sound.

Look at the picture below. The tongue position is different in (upper-left) and (upper-right).


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There seem to be 2 ways to define the ü sound. One is the one Alenanno describes, and for example likewise mentioned on positiveeast.orgPod

To do the straightforward ü sound, do a continuous "ee" sound. Together you do the sound, round her lips into the place they would should be in to make an "oo" sound. By making the "ee" sound in your mouth v your lips in the "oo" position, you space pronouncing Mandarin"s ü sound.

The various other one is described in this book.

Place your tongue pointer so the it touches the ago of the reduced front teeth. In ~ the very same time, large the corners of the mount towards two sides. Then draw your lips in to kind a perfect circle as little as possible.

I don"t agree with Alenanno around the position of the tongue. For example this publication says the ü need to be in ~ the reduced front teeth, not the upper front teeth as shown in the snapshot in Alenanno"s post.Also the tongue positions in positiveeast.org room in many cases much more determined through the initials than no the finals. For instance yu, qu, xu, ju have actually a ü proncounciation, however are both at the reduced teeth. Cu, su, zu have actually a u pronounciation, but are at top teeth, not wherein it is positioned in the drawing in Alenanno"s post.

In my mother tongue we also have the ü sound, and I deserve to make that for any position that the tip of my tongue. The pointer of the tongue is not important, what is vital is that the form of her tongue and lips space correct.

u at the same time is pronounced as the oo in the English native too.

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Liu is a brief version for liou. For this reason you start with express li and also continue through ou (de ou that 朋友).