GTA mountain Andreas players deserve to learn just how to recruit quickly, however it counts on your platform.

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GTA evil City allowed players to recruit a few bodyguards after ~ they achieved 100% completion. GTA san Andreas increased on this concept and made it substantially much more accessible to the general public. Because that starters, football player don"t require 100% perfect to recruit other gang members.

The number of people that the player have the right to recruit to follow them relies on your Respect stat. In ~ the bare minimum, CJ can recruit two Grove Street families members. In ~ the preferably level, he can recruit seven of them. It"s critical to keep in mind that this function only uses to Grove Street households NPCs.

How to recruit a GSF NPC in GTA san Andreas

Mobile players need to aim at a Grove Street family NPC and also tap top top the switch that looks choose two fists bumping against one another.

PlayStation and Xbox players must aim in ~ the very same NPCs and also press increase on the D-pad.

PC football player aim in ~ the Grove Street households members and also press "G" to recruitment them. They can tell whom they"re aiming in ~ by see the environment-friendly triangle over the NPC"s head.

Gang commands

GTA san Andreas football player can likewise tell your allies to stay placed or monitor them as soon as recruited. Cell phone players can press the button that looks favor a speech switch with an arrow to make them follow the player. Likewise, pressing on the hand button will do them wait.

Console players use the D-pad to perform something similar. Up on the D-pad provides the NPCs follow the player, whereas down on the D-pad provides them wait in place.

PC players push "G" to do the corridor follow them. Likewise, pushing "H" provides them wait in place.

GTA san Andreas players can additionally have among the recruited gang members take it a photo with CJ. Equip the camera, and stand next to one of the recruited NPCs. A prompt have to pop up, describe what the player must do next.


Respect is everything. It could have been a GTA 2 motto, however it still applies to how many Grove Street families members the player deserve to recruit in GTA san Andreas.

Several factors impact how lot Respect CJ has actually at any kind of given moment. The most obvious means to boost a player"s Respect is to finish missions. However, the isn"t the only way to enhance it.

A muscular CJ with much better clothes will have actually a higher Respect stat 보다 a fat CJ with no muscle meaning wearing the default outfit. Gaining and losing territories additionally impacts exactly how much Respect the player has. It"s vital to keep in mind that the player deserve to lose Respect in GTA san Andreas.

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Killing drug dealers and also rival gang members also slightly improves it. Death or letting GSF members dice will lower it.

Recruit cheat codes

CJ recruiting an NPC with the "recruit anybody with a Pistol" cheat password (Image via Rockstar Games)