Monday 106 pm ET i traded a few players because that Kittle, one of them being Robert Woods ~ above the Rams.

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Rams room Thursday night soccer this week. 

My LM upheld the profession at 239pm Monday together well. 

Even still LM upheld trade, will this take an additional week to procedure because woods in in Thursday night game? I’ve checked out this top top however with LM advertise trade v I am surprised it has actually not gone with yet. Also, our league has the 48 hour window, which would have actually passed by now- together it is Wednesday and also the trade was welcomed Monday afternoon. Think or indict please- likewise would that be precious to shot the trade again and LM approve? 


Thank you

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Willallenn 4


Willallenn 4

HuddlerMembers 4103 posts
Posted October 2, 2019

Also- bump- but last main sept 25 (Wednesday) our LM authorized Rodgers for a RB and Rodgers remained in the various other teams Lineup by Thursday night Football video game do not expertise

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turbotooslow 221


turbotooslow 221

HuddlerMembers 2212,504 postsFan the the:Bengals
Posted October 3, 2019

No way for us to your commish and also tell that 1) the should have processed through now and 2) no reason for 48 hour window, trades must go with immediately

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stevegrab 1,234


stevegrab 1,234

Huddler All-ProMembers 1,23413,325 postsLocation:Akron OhioFan the the:Browns
Posted October 3, 2019
9 hrs ago, turbotooslow said:

No means for us to your commish and also tell him 1) the should have actually processed by now and also 2) no reason for 48 hour window, trades should go through immediately


This. And if you already talked come the commish, or over there is no person commish to talk to, tell us that.


Always baffling when people article questions right here that have to be command to your league"s commissioner. No sure exactly how we are an alleged to help. 

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Montana is da male 3,265


Montana is da Man 3,265

Huddler hall Of FameMembers 3,26537,116 postsLocation:New JerseyFan that the:49ers
Posted October 3, 2019

Ask her commish

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