Fraps is a extensively used, an effective screen record tool that"s been setup the sector standard because that years. Despite this, prefer all programs it does have some bugs that are hindering part users. Some have actually reported problems that are protecting against Fraps from recording at the 29 2nd mark, i m sorry is exceptionally frustrating for any longer content. V this in mind, we"ve put together our tips on how to resolve Fraps as soon as it stop recording.

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How to resolve Fraps as soon as It stops Recording

Check because that Upgrade - The easiest solutions are normally the most obvious. If Fraps stops recording in ~ the 29 2nd mark, there"s one very clear equipment – upgrade. If you"re making use of the complimentary trial that Fraps you"re restricted to much less than 30 seconds of video, making it unsuitable for specialized bloggers and vloggers. After upgrading you"ll have actually the choice of unlimited video capture. If you"re a registered user experiencing difficulties then read on!

Check your hot keys - Make certain to inspect your hot keys and also bindings as an ext than one user has reported an concern when they to be actually just pressing the dorn button. Leaning ~ above the keyboard deserve to have a similar effect, so clear her work room an d try again.

Check difficult Drive Space - If neither of these options work yet your video recording tho keeps protecting against it"s very likely to it is in an issue with your storage size. Video files take it up a lot of of an are on her PC and also smaller hard drives (like those the come v older laptops) might fill up before you"ve perfect filming. To fix this you have the right to buy a portable hard drive, which thanks to technical innovations and also wide-spread demand are an extremely cheap. You can also shot capturing indigenous a computer with a larger tough drive, or look at what you have actually saved and also see if there"s anything you have the right to delete. Programs favor CC cleaner have additional tools that can aid you conserve your storage space. If no one of these remedies work, your most basic bet is to contact Fraps client support.

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Best FRAPS alternative – DemoCreator


While Fraps is wonderful program it does have some downsides together we"ve simply elaborated on. If you"re using a MAC the software program isn"t available and also on pc it doesn"t have any built in video editing software, so you could want to consider using an alternative capture tool. Our selection would it is in DemoCreator, a straightforward yet powerful piece of software application that allows you to record at 120 FPS, perfect for high resolution, rapid paced uploads that any part of her screen. Even better, it also includes a an easy editing suite that will permit you come cut, annotate, rotate and also generally carry out all the just customisations you"d need prior to posting a video clip online.