The puzzle section features some mind workout because that you and your Doodle God game. If girlfriend are having trouble to complete the puzzle tasks, you have the right to use ours answer cheat overview to aid you complete all of the puzzles.

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It need to be provided that depending upon the vacation or season, the video game switches

List of accessible Doodle God PuzzlesIn the name of Peace

Independence day in a Village

Ice Cream Party(Also Elemental ice cream Cream for some versions)

All You need is Love


Christmas Tree

Locomotive in the Woods



Android OnlyThis puzzle appears to just be accessible for selected game versions.Android

Not accessible NowMother’s job SpecialMother’s work Postcard

Summer Fireworks
It won’t permit me do alcohol on “In the surname of Peace”. Walk anyone else have this same problem?

Solution to new puzzle included in the latest version:

To develop a firecracker:

1. Grass + Domestic animal = Fertilizer2. Stone + stone = Fire3. Life + Swamp = Bacteria (repeat as soon as for a full of 2 Bacteria)4. Bacteria + Water = Plankton5. Plankton + rock = Shells6. Shells + rock = Limestone7. Bacteria + Swamp = Sulfur and also Worm8. Limestone + Fertilizer = Saltpetre9. Saltpetre + Sulfur = Gunpowder10. Dynamite + Fire = Firecracker4.

When I placed earth and also water to together I gain the keep in mind popping up and water and earth saying: there is no space for future result elements. I then don’t known what to execute so i you kown?

Christmas Tree Solution:

Earth + Fire = LavaWater + Lava = stone + SteamIce + wait = SnowWater + rock = SandLife + Sand = SeedsSeeds + planet = TreeTree + snow = Christmas Tree

mother’s day puzzle solution!how to make the postcard:

earth + moss = grasswater + earth = swampsun + grass = flowerswamp and also grass = reedtools + reed = paperpaper + flower = postcard

I require one more element for episode 2. I have everything listed but tho can’t get the 142nd one. Anyone have any type of suggestions? Also, I started to perform the ice cream cream puzzel yet didn’t see this web page til after i started. I lost some ingredients ns need. Can/how carry out I go ago and begin over?

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