If you space planning to do a rapid weave on your hair, you room going to must know just how to glue in weaves. The number one point that you execute not want to carry out is destroy your hair. Gluing in weaves is no the most argued thing to carry out to our hair. The glue is just not friendly ns don’t treatment how you placed it.

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Now over there are ways that human being are placing in weave v glue without ruining there hair. Merely by doing quick weaves on a cap fairly than top top the hair itself. What you carry out is get a shower head cap and also place that on the head through a wig lid over it. Then you adhesive the monitor on the wig cap. The shower lid or some kind of nylon lid under the wig cap helps to give your hair the extra protection essential to ensure no glue gets on it. Some human being use hair wraps rather of shower head caps in bespeak to get the same desired effect. The beauty of this means of styling is also that you space able to take the hair off and also put it ago on at your recreation just together you would a wig.


Make certain you gain the exactly glue for her hair. If you have dark hair obtain the black color glue and also if friend have an extremely light hair friend will want to acquire the white glue. There room a few options regarding what brand of glue to use, but all in all there space pretty much the same. Just make sure that as you are using the glue to the hair the you carry out not placed to much glue ~ above the track. It will make an terrible mess and also be an extremely hard to obtain out. If you are gluing the tracks on your scalp you should be an extremely careful of this. As I mentioned previously it can be damaging to the hair.

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Knowing how to glue in weaves will ultimately come normally to you. Do remember that you begin at the back of the head and once you reach the middle and also behind the optimal of the ear area you relocate around and also begin ~ above the front. You want to make certain that you don’t put the monitor in so the they room visible. The is a great idea whether you are gluing the tracks to the scalp or top top a wig lid to make sure you leave some hair out on the sides, back and in the front. This will allow for a an ext natural look.