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By xxvietaznxx
xxvietaznxx (xxvietaznxx yahoo com) December 26, 2005

Pokemon Ruby VersionGAMEBOY-AGet your rare REGIs... Step BY STEP!(I used ultra ball to record 'em. You don't need to beat the E4.)How to open up up the caves: paris to Pacifidlog Town. Starting from the town's pokemon center's door. Go down 12 steps, Surf. If you want, usage repel. Go left 6 steps, walk up 1 step. Walk left four steps. Up 2 steps. Left seven steps, fight the rock beneath you, walk all then way down, go to the lowest current. Go all the means down, surf, girlfriend hitted a rock! currently go on that land. Go all the means down on the left, face down, surf, now go in the currents, you are on land. Walk all the method on the left. Currently go top top the downer-left corner. Surf down, walk left, all the way. SURF NOW! Dive in the water, walk in the door, store going down, go roughly the rock, girlfriend WILL view a white paper, speak to it, it is all dots, it states to dive. Walk up, now on the method top are 3 papers, speak to the middle one.

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Use dig, go in the door, talk to the middle one.(You should put Wailord critical in her party, and Ralicanth top top the height of her party.) It will certainly shake...!! Now acquire out the the cave, you have actually open the various other caves. (Ju st dig out, then go to the door you gone into in then dive.) You deserve to now get the REGIs.Regirock: You recognize where the dessert is? walk there, go in the center of it, currently go every the means down. Prior to you acquire to go all the way down, walk to the cave. Speak to the middle paper. It says... Go right 2 steps, now go down two steps. USE strength TO open THE DOOR! You'd open the door, walk in the door. There lies Regirock.Regice: go to Dewford, walk on optimal of the Garnite Cave, currently go all the method left, surf, walk nine measures left, walk one action down, store going left and you'll hit a rock. Now go six measures UP, 11 actions LEFT, walk up 'till you touch a rock, ideal 1 step, 6 procedures up, 8 measures RIGHT, 17 procedures UP, currently go left untill you touch land, walk on the various other side and surf. Now cross come the other land. Walk up and surf, currently go all the means up! girlfriend WILL watch a cave. Go in there. Press A ~ above the middle paper, now let it stand for 2 minutes. That thing will dissapper and also the door opens. Inside lies Regice.Registeel: (HARDEST to CATCH!!) go all the method to Lilycove City, beginning at the pokemon center's door. Down two steps. Directly GO come THE RIGHT! You'll hit a gate or whatever, walk down and go through the GRASS, again, you will certainly hit a gate. Every the method up! fight the gate... AGAIN! Three actions left, now all the method down and hit the gate, 19 procedures left, up and hit the indent, walk left 'till you view a stair, walk up the stairs, stand next to the tree, go left 'till friend hit a girl, go down one step, keep going left and also hit the trees, stand listed below the, keep going left, climate up the stairs, up the grass, climate up one more stair, IT's RaiNiNg! go all the means up, you'll check out a cave, walk in the cave, walk to the center of the room and also use fly, but prior to you perform that talk to the center paper. The door will certainly open, there lies Registeel. Currently you acquired all the REGIs.