Some Add-Ons room not available with all phones/networks. To view all Add-Ons compatible through your present plan, log in to MyAccount.


What is CallWatch and also how does it work?

CallWatchis a Call and Text impede service. Customers deserve to download the CallWatch app and subscribe come CallWatch for $2/mo. To acquire real-time warns on every suspicious and also unwanted just arrive calls and text messages.

Key features include:

ScamBlock: automatic detection and also blocking of scam callsUnlimited speak to blockingUnlimited real-time caller IDUnlimited reporting of abusive numbersUnlimited reverse number lookupReal-time speak to interaction v CallWatch speak to CenterAbility come block calls by name (all well-known numbers used by the exact same company)Ability come report abusive calls and texts straight to commonwealth agencies

Is CallWatch easily accessible for all rise Mobile plans?

CallWatch is a $2/month service that is available for monthly rise Mobile smartphone plans only on the Nationwide Network that include data solutions (and compatible gadgets as thorough below).

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Is the CallWatch accessible for all rise Mobile devices?

The CallWatch app is easily accessible for rise Mobile Android gadgets with Android 4.0 and above only ~ above the Nationwide Network.


how do I add CallWatch to mine monthly plan?

You can add CallWatch for $2/mo. By visiting my Account. You will also need to visit Google PlayTM to download the CallWatch applications to begin the service.

If girlfriend download the CallWatch applications from Google PlayTM first, climate you deserve to also add $2/mo. CallWatch native the menu>Upgrade in ~ the CallWatch application. This will connect the $2/mo. Charge to her monthly reoccurring an increase Mobile services.

Please remember your account need to have enough funds come cover the expense of the add-on service together with the cost of her monthly plan.


can I have CallWatch in enhancement to speak to Screener Plus?

Since CallWatch offers a full feature set of Caller ID as well as blocking services, us don’t allow CallWatch and Call Screener plus to be subscribed to at the exact same time. Call Screener Plus gives a network based Caller identifier experience however does not have actually blocking/ reporting to federal agencies, nor the reverse number look increase capabilities at this time.


deserve to I try the product before I to buy it?

Yes, if friend download the CallWatch application from Google PlayTM, you have the right to use the attributes (except for Caller ID) because that a 7-day complimentary trial.

Before the trial end you will be notified of the cost-free trial end date within the CallWatch application on the 5th day that the trial, and also after the trial has actually ended. You will certainly be available the capacity to purchase the CallWatch monthly company at that time.


~ the free Trial just how do I authorize up for CallWatch?

Go right into the CallWatch application, add $2/mo. CallWatch from the menu>Upgrade. This will attach the $2/mo. Charge to her monthly reoccurring an increase Mobile services.

Or you deserve to visit my Account and include the $2/mo. Charge to her monthly reoccurring an increase Mobile services.

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Who execute I call with more questions, like how do i unblock?

Within the CallWatch applications you have the right to get added help and tutorials on just how to use the service.