Draft equines are recognized for your power and also strength, and for numerous years, humans have actually relied on them to pull wagons, farming equipment, army supplies, and other hefty loads.

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But precisely how much deserve to a draft horse pull?

Well, if the median riding horse deserve to pull a load three time its human body weight, drafts can haul up to fifteen times your weight.

However, there are several factors that determine exactly how much pack a horse have the right to pull. We’ll look in ~ those in a few but first, let’s tell you what a draft horse is and how much weight it can pull.

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What Is a draft Horse?

Also well-known as a hefty horse, the draft equine is a huge cold-blooded equine commonly found in Europe and North America. Different species of draft graced farms in the 19th century and also at the beginning of the 20th century, helping humans with heavy tasks favor plowing fields and also pulling hefty loads.

Draft steeds are tall, with heavy bones and plenty of muscle. Their earlier is short and their shoulders are much more upright, which makes their shape and also movement well-suited for pulling.

Heavy drafts sweet 1, 700lbs. Come 3, 000 lbs., with a height of in between 15 and also 20 hands. They don’t relocate as fast as the lighter speak breeds however they room much more powerful.

Types of breeze Horses

There are numerous breeds of equines that are categorized together draft horses. The most well-known include:


Although these steeds may vary in size and other traits, there room some important attributes they all share that make them advantageous to man.

For instance, castle are solid and patient, which renders them an excellent workhorses. Castle are also sweet-tempered and also have a natural willingness come learn, making castle well-suited come a wide selection of pursuits.

Whether supplied for pulling loads or satisfied riding, draft equines are wonderful companions and are desired for their calm demeanor.

How lot Weight can a Draft horse Pull?


Now the you understand what a draft equine is, let’s attend to the concern you have been eagerly wait to find response to – exactly how much have the right to a draft equine pull?

On average, a breeze horse have the right to pull a pack as hefty as 8,000 pounds. Yet given the there space different varieties of draft horses, all with different weights and heights, it would be wrong to assume the all drafts will pull the exact same amount of weight.

As such, we have prepared this table that reflects the five most common types of draft horses and also the complete amount of load each one can pull. Inspect it out!

Type of breeze HorseMature horse Weight (In Pounds)Total load Pulled by the Horse
Percheron1, 900 – 2, 100 lbs.3, 600 lbs.
Belgian1, 800 – 2, 200 lbs.8, 000 lbs.
Clydesdale1, 700 – 2, 200 lbs.2, 000 – 8, 000 lbs.
Shire2, 000 lbs.8, 000 lbs. Shire currently holds the world’s document for pulling the heaviest weight of as much as 58, 000 lbs.
Brabant2, 000 – 3, 000 lbs.8, 500 lbs.

For an extremely heavy load, it would be best to have two horses. Let’s assume a solitary horse have the right to pull up to 8, 000 lbs. If you have actually two of them, friend will be able to transport approximately 16, 000 lbs. Of weight.

It is vital to note that when you pair horses, girlfriend actually improve their fill capacity and they are able to work more together. As such, two equines with the capability to haul 16, 000 lbs. Have the right to actually be able to pull as much as 20, 000 lbs. That weight.

Factors Determining how Much weight a draft Horse deserve to Pull


When it pertains to pulling a load, there are number of things that play a duty in influencing just how much weight a horse can handle. Right here are the many common:

1. Nature of load (Pulling Dead weight vs. Pulling wheeled Load)

The lot of weight pulled by a steed in both instances will certainly be different. Let’s very first consider a equine pulling dead weight. Such a horse working because that eight hrs will typically have the ability to haul around 10% that its body weight. And also for the animal to efficiently work under this conditions, it will should take continual breaks, consuming several hay and water.

Horses will typically need to work harder as soon as pulling a pack ten to fifteen times their bodyweight. Inspect out this video of two draft equines pulling 12, 000 lbs.

Looking in ~ the posture of the horses, you deserve to tell the the pets are plainly exhausted and practically being maxed out due to the fact that they have actually been driven to your limits. This is exactly how much a draft horse needs to work as soon as pulling a dead weight.

Things are different, however, as soon as pulling a load on wheels. As soon as the fill is inserted on a cart or wagon, the pet is able to traction it a many easier because there is less friction in between the wheels and also the surface underneath.

In other words, once pulling dead weight, a draft horse will pull much less weight than when pulling a wagon. That will additionally be slower.

Speaking the carts and also wagons, a mature, healthy horse traveling over a long distance deserve to pull approximately one and a fifty percent times their body weight. However, part breeds have the right to pull increase to two or 3 times your body weight; others will pull lot less.

For shorter distances, a draft horse can pull up to 5 times the weight. But you don’t desire your equine pulling that lot weight end a lengthy distance. If you room traveling a long distance, it would certainly be best to offer the horse a load that no exceed that is weight; also though the horse is pulling a rolled load.

2. Horse’s Fitness Level

A draft horse that exercises consistently will not have actually a tough time pulling a heavy load as a equine that practice only once a month would. To increase the hauling capacity of her equine, take it because that a go every now and then and also feed it appropriate foods.

3. Nature the Terrain

The kind of soil the equine is riding on will also influence how lot weight the pet can pull. End a road, arena, or other smooth surfaces, your draft can have the ability to haul up to four times its body weight, pulling a cart or wagon.

When it involves hills, rocky surfaces, or other uneven terrains, however, the horse may have actually trouble pulling a load even equal come its very own weight.

4. Kind of Shoes

Just like skilled athletes wear distinct shoes to enhance their performance, steeds do stay shoes together well. Make certain to acquire your equine shoes that have actually slip protection; castle will provide the grip required when pulling large, hefty loads.

Other components Influencing your Horse’s fill Capacity

Weather: It will be more difficult for a equine to work-related in hot, humid atmospheric conditions than in a cool, dry climate.Work duration: A draft equine will pull harder and also be the most abundant over a short period; their load capacity will minimize over a much longer working period.Horse’s temperament: While draft horses generally show a herbal willingness come work, some will just be more willing to perform the task than others.

How rapid Can a Draft equine Pull a rolled Load?


It will depend on how much the pack weighs, how long the pilgrimage is, just how smooth or stormy the surface ar on i beg your pardon the wheels are relocating is, and how old and also healthy the animal is.

Let’s consider a equine pulling a lightweight cart of about its very own weight top top a surface with gravel. In this case, the horse may even have the ability to run in ~ a speed of as much as twenty-two mph. However, it won’t organize up this speed for too long.

If you are riding over a long distance of around one hour or so, the reasonable high speed of the steed will be about fourteen mph.

But for the most part, a draft equine will work ideal at a speed of around five mph, and this speed will rely a lot of on the each other of the horse and the load of the load.

If the dare is as well heavy, stop pushing the animal to walk or run also fast. Also, make sure the equine is taking breaks to feed and drink water.

The animal should get sufficient rest after work too. If your horse has actually been pulling a hefty load for, to speak eight hours, you must let it rest for numerous days before the following task. This will help keep the animal’s legs and heart healthy so castle don’t obtain overworked.

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The Takeaway

Draft steeds are typically strong animals and also can pull tons of weight for long hours prior to getting exhausted. To help the animal stay productive, make certain it takes brief breaks come feed and drink transparent the journey. It is likewise important to frequently exercise the equine so it have the right to stay physical fit and also be able come undertake hefty tasks much more easily.