Do girlfriend feel the the proportions of her body room distorted by a tiny buttocks? are you embarrassed by a level or saggy buttocks? If so, buttock augmentation and/or lift through the team at Atlanta Plastic & reconstructive Specialists deserve to help. Buttock augmentation boosts the dimension of the buttocks to balance the body contours. Buttock lift gives the target a perkier and an ext youthful shape.

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Why civilization Have Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation is a helpful body contouring procedure for individuals that space born with a level buttocks, or who buttock flattens and sags through age. Components such as pregnancy and also massive weight loss can additionally be detrimental come the form of the buttocks.

Butt lift won’t change the dimension of a tiny buttocks, but it will get rid of excess loose, saggy skin and give a flat buttocks much better shape.

Am ns a Candidate for Buttock Augmentation or Lift?

If you room considering buttock augmentation or lift, it is finest to speak with our plastic surgeons during a consultation. The surgeon will carry out a physics examination of her buttocks and ask friend to describe your right buttock shape and size.

Generally, an ideal candidates because that buttock augmentation are people who:

Are bothered by a naturally small, flat or saggy behind

Are in solid physical health

Are holy spirit stable

Do not have any chronic, uncontrolled medical issues

Understand the risks of surgery, and also feel the rewards outweigh the risks

Have reasonable expectations and a confident outlook top top surgery

More around Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation have the right to be performed two ways. Our buttock augmentation operated doctor will select the appropriate technique for you based upon your herbal buttock size and also shape, the available surplus fat on your body, her skin elasticity and also other factors.

The traditional buttock augmentation an approach involves using a artificial implant to boost the fullness, roundness and projection that the buttocks. Throughout an outpatient procedure, the surgeon renders an incision either at the top of the top buttock, toward the bottom that the gluteal creases or between the buttock cheeks. The implant is put through the incision and also positioned one of two people in the muscle or over the gluteal muscle on every side of the buttock. The incision is closed through sutures.

The contemporary alternative to buttock implants is a fat grafting procedure recognized as Brazilian butt Lift. The surgeon provides liposuction methods to graft surplus fat from another area the the body (e.g., abdomen, hips, thighs). The fat is purified and also prepared for re-injection. The surgeon then injects little amounts that the fat into the buttocks to include healthy shape. The bulk of the fat is injected right into the upper quadrant the the buttock to give it a perky, “lifted” effect.

More about Buttock Lift

Buttock background is one outpatient procedure performed v anesthesia. It might be performed as part of a lower body lift or even prolonged tummy tuck. The buttock background surgeon provides an scratch on the lower waist, and also removes overabundance skin and fat deposits. The remaining skin is tightened and also smoothed because that a much more attractive buttock shape and also contour. The incisions room closed v sutures.

Bruising, swelling and also soreness are common during restore from buttock augmentation or lift. Oral medication deserve to be taken as prescribed come soothe any kind of discomfort. The patient can gradually return come work, exercise and also other normal activities under the supervision of our surgeons.

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Learn more about Buttock Augmentation and Lift

To learn much more about buttock augmentation and buttock elevator surgery, you re welcome schedule a consultation v the team at Atlanta Plastic & reconstructive Specialists. Speak to us now to make an appointment at our practice.