How countless protons neutrons and also electrons are in a oxygen 17 atom?

# neutron = massive # – #protons. So, in oxygen-17, # neutron = 17 – 8 or 9. Oxygen-17 has actually 8 protons, 8 electrons, and also 9 neutrons.

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What go the 17 in oxygen 17 mean?

Wiktionary. Oxygen-17(Noun) A rare secure isotope of oxygen, , having actually eight protons and nine neutrons; it quantities to 0.037% that the element in nature.

What would happen if the number of protons were to adjust in one atom?

When you readjust the number of protons in an atom, you will change the atom native one aspect to a different element. Sometimes, once you add a proton come an element, the element will become radioactive. If you readjust the variety of electrons in one atom, friend will obtain an ion that the element.

Is it feasible to adjust the variety of protons?

Adding or removing neutrons from the cell nucleus are how isotopes room created. Including or removing proton from the nucleus changes the charge of the nucleus and changes the atom’s atom number. So, including or removing proton from the nucleus alters what element that atom is!

What would occur if a proton were included to one aluminum atom?

Any atom that has 13 proton is one aluminum atom. Which statement best describes what would happen if a proton were included to one aluminum atom? The atom would certainly no much longer be aluminum. The routine table has actually a lot of of details in the type of letters and numbers.

Can proton be removed from an atom?

Question: have the right to we remove a proton or neutron native an atom? correctly We can remove a proton or a neutron from the cell nucleus of one atom by supplying power equal to or greater than the seperation power of the neucleon to be removed.

What keeps the electrons from relocating away from the atom?

The prize is electricity and also magnetism. The atom’s center, or nucleus, is positively charged and also the electrons that whirl roughly this nucleus room negatively charged, so they entice each other. The factor the force is strong is since the atom is for this reason small.

Why electrons carry out not fly turn off an atom?

Re: atoms & electron In one atom, there is a nucleus consisted of of neutral charged, neutrons, and positively charged protons. The reason why electrons which room negatively charged, don’t fly off is because of its more powerful attraction to the protons.

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Why carry out electrons not fly the end of a nail?

protons are positively charged and electrons space negatively charged, therefore this pressure of attraction keeps the electrons together. If electrons repel from every other, the positively fee protons and nucleus allow them to move in a identify orbit and prevent them flying the end of the nail.