Flavor Flav, among the most famed “hype man,” and also a really talented rapper as well has a lot of issues.It’s prefer with success; there also comes a many troubles. However, most of his problem seem come be just from his personal life, while some of the resources from his professional career as well. How is odor Flav controlling himself through 7+1 recent child and also him gaining fired from his rap group of 35 year “Public Enemy?”

Who Is odor Flav?

Before jumping to anything, it"s quite to give you a elevator on who specifically is Flav.Flavor Flav is a 61 years old rapper, born on in march 16, 1959, in Roosevelt, new York. Although the whole human being calls that Flavor Flav, his genuine name is wilhelm Jonathan Drayton, Jr. Flavor Flav was born to father william Sr. And also mother, Anna Drayton.He has one brother, Steven Drayton, and one sister Jean Delores Madison. Flav checked out Freeport High School and also later joined Adelphi University.Apart native that, he additionally has culinary institution experience, which that joined earlier in 1978.

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Public Enemy’s odor Flav Dating, Girlfriend

Flavor Flav has actually dated several women end the years. That’s why, for her convenience, this list will certainly follow a to decrease order. Remember, these are only his date affair and also relationships. 

Beverly Johnson – The 90s

Back in the 90s, odor Flav started dating a beautiful woman named Beverly Johnson. Johnson functioned as an actress, model, and lived through Flav in one apartment. She additionally had two kids from she previous marriage.Although Johnson and Flav lived together, castle did no have any children together.

Brigitte Nielsen – 2003

When odor signed up for The Surreal Life in 2003, he met Brigitte Nielsen, a singer, model, and also an actress who also happened to be 5 inches taller 보다 Flav in height.Flavor Flav’s height is 5.7 feet, when Brigitte Nielsen stands at the height of 6 feet.Regardless of height differences, Flav and also Nielsen concocted their tiny romance, which civilization later gained to watch in a 2005 TV present called strange Love.By early 2005, his romance with Brigette had currently ended. Brigitte Nielsen is at this time married to Mattia Dessi and has 5 children.

Liz Trujillo – 2005

Back in in between mid-2005, odor Flav began dating Liz Trujillo, a very young and also charming lady. The pair began dating, and also soon, she additionally became pregnant with their first child together.But there was an additional complication for Flavor throughout those times. During the time, Flav signed up because that his reality TV show of his own.After strange Love ended, Flav acquired an offer for his show called “Flavor of Love,” in which that went on to look for true love amongst dozens of women.The trouble came once Liz uncovered out that Flav take it the display without informing her. Liz began her disappointment and also disapproval the Flav’s decision to keep that a mystery from her while Flav stated he warned Liz no to go looking for it.However, that did not end the relationship right away.

From flavor of Love

From the reality TV show “Flavor that Love,” Flav walk on to date three different women.In 2005, Flav dated Tiffany Pollard, who conveniently rose come fame from she appearance in the show.After that, Flav additionally dated an additional beautiful woman called Nicole Alexander in 2006.Lastly, Flav date Candace Cabrera, that was a runner up in the third season the the show.

Latresha Bradford – 2008

In 2008, Flav began reportedly date Latrisha Bradford. However, both that the couples have not talked publicly around their romance. 

Flavor Flav’s other Affairs (Baby-Mommy)

In the 80s, smell Flav began dating Karen Ross. The pair dated for some time and also welcomed three youngsters together. Flav and also Ross invited one son Shaniq Drayton, and also two daughters, Jasmine Drayton, and also Kayla Drayton..While in a relationship, there were quite a couple of moments as soon as things go sideways. In 1991, authorities arrested Flav, citing the alleged assault on Karen Ross. Later, things did not occupational out between Flav and also Karen, which resulted in their partnership to end. The pair ended their partnership with species of Flav paying boy support, however the numbers were not revealed.After ending a connection with Karen, he began dating one more woman called Angie Parker, that is indigenous Albany County.Flavor Flav and also Angie welcomed three youngsters together together well. Flav and Parker invited one daughter Dazyna Drayton, and also two sons called Quanah Drayton, and William Drayton.However, their partnership did not stay that long as lock both separation later. In 1996, Flav and Parker came to an commitment that Flav salary a sum of $117 every mainly as son support. During that time, the couple only had actually two children.However, in 2008, Flav and Parker reignited their old flame, and also that produced one more child. After welcoming the third child, Parker pleaded a advanced in the boy support payment. The court ordered Flav to pay $837.72 every week. 

Issues v Baby-Mommies

 In 2011, Karen Ross, through whom Flav had actually his first three children, increased an issue. Karen declared that Flav routinely failed to offer the financial support that the couple agreed to. A year later, Angie Ross filed a case against Flav, claiming the he had actually failed to pay child support. She additionally claimed that Flav owed around $111,1186 in unpaid boy support. Amid all the legal tirade, Flav declared that that had constantly been a good father to all of his children.During that time, Flav had already welcomed one more child, a son named Karma, with his longtime fiancé and also now wife, Liz.Liz also has one more son named Gibran Trujillo from she previous relationship.

Alleged brand-new Baby – Jordan

In 2019, Flav’s ex-manager, Kate Gammell, who operated for him, claimed that Flav was the father of her son Jordan.After filing because that a paternity test, news surfaced the the DNA complement test between the baby and Flav came out positive.However, Kate take it it to her Instagram, stating the she has actually not received any type of financial help from Flav.
Kate Gammell"s son Jordan. (instagram.com)She additionally stated the she had been offering Flavor Flav Merch ever since to support the day-to-day needs of she young toddler son.

Flavor Flav Children

Flavor Flav has seven children altogether. Seven because Flav has actually not identified that that is the father of infant Jordan.Flav first welcomed three kids with Karen Ross. They welcomed one son Shaniq Drayton, and two daughters, Jasmine Drayton, and Kayla Drayton.Flav later welcomed three more children indigenous his affair with Angie Parker.Flav’s union v Parker developed one daughter named Dazyna Drayton, and also two sons named Quanah Drayton, and William Drayton.Flav welcomed his saturday son, Karma, v Liz, his wife.
Flavor Flav with all 7 children. (twitter.com)When count Jordan, his alleged child with his previous manager, Kate Gammell, currently Flavor Flav has eight children.

Professional Life worry – Fired

Flavor Flav is currently facing a expert life situation as his rap group “Public Enemy” newly fired the – ~ 35 year of togetherness.Flav has been having problems with the group for fairly a lengthy time now. In 2017, Flav slammed a lawsuit versus Chuck, another co-founder the the group, and also their management firm claiming unfair payments and also unpaid profits.Flav asserted that the administration did not distribute the profits from their work relatively and evenly as agreed initially.Chuck D stated, representing the whole group, that Flav never ever supported any type of of the cost-free work the the team did for charity and comparable cause.He further stated that as soon as Flav did no agree to execute Harry Belafonte’s occasion in 2016, that had sufficient of Flav’s nuisances. 

Why Public foe Fired flavor Flav?

Most recently, before the group took that is decision, Flav sent out a cease-and-desist letter about the group’s performance at a campaign rally because that Sen. Bernie Sanders.His letter stated that if the team performed at the rally, they would certainly be making use of Flav’s likeness and image without his authorization. He additionally stated that Chuck D’s actions and also statements go not stand for the totality group in any type of way. Soon ~ that, the Public Enemy determined to fire Flav. Following the new, Flav as well his disbelief to exactly how the team fired him end an issue relating to Bernie Sanders.Following that, Flav pointed out in an interview the he walk not have actually anything against Bernie Sanders. When it came to the genuine reason why Public enemy fired odor Flav, the group members made a joint statement.The remaining team members, Chuck D, DJ Lord, Jahi, pop Diesel, James Bomb, stated that the decision of shoot Flav walk not happen over his politics view and his decision come not support Bernie Sanders.Instead, it was a series of problems that mounted over the years.Public adversary further proclaimed in their joint declare that when Flav walk not execute for the take care of Belafonte benefit event in 2016, it motivated the situation.The public opponent joint explain ended, citing other instances where Flav choose “party over work” and did not appear for recording sessions, live gigs, and more.

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Flavor Flav net Worth 2020

Flavor Flav retained a lot of child assistance payments in pending earlier then. Recent reports, however, show no signs of unpaid assistance payments other than Flav reportedly not acknowledging his brand-new alleged boy with Kate Gammell.Maybe, that"s because Flav"s huge net worth now in 2020. That"s right. Flav is flavored v a most money this days.In 2020, flavor Flav has a enormous net precious of $3 million.