Since 2010, 643 people have drowned in the great Lakes and all yet six of those victims weren't attract a an individual flotation device.

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With summer's arrival on Thursday, June 21, comes plenty of fun on the water, spurring officials, advocacy groups and loved persons of drowning victims to repeat those recreating ~ above a watercraft or kayak to always wear a life jacket.

"Make certain you have your safety equipment and you space 10 times much less likely to have a serious tragedy," stated David Brigham, whose friend died during a boating accident top top the Saginaw river in 2015.

Brigham and his friend Robert Todd to be boating on may 8, 2015, when they had actually to jump prior to their watercraft collided v an oncoming barge. Brigham survived, but his friend didn't. Neither were wearing life jackets.

To date this year, there have actually been 20 drownings on the great Lakes, according to data from the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, a water security advocacy team that monitor drownings. David Benjamin, a spokesman for the organization, said his team is working to confirm four extr drownings that may have actually taken location over the past few weeks.

Seven the the 20 drownings this year emerged in Lake Michigan, which has actually been the most dangerous of the good Lakes end the previous eight years.

There to be 298 drownings ~ above Lake Michigan due to the fact that 2010 -- make up around 46 percent of total drownings on the good Lakes in the previous eight years.

Benjamin claimed the variety of drownings have actually fluctuated, but the dips in 2014 and 2015 were likely due to cooler-than-normal temperatures throughout the summer months. The organization doesn't monitor inner-water drownings, choose on rivers.

Benjamin got associated with the company in 2010 after ~ he nearly died from a drowning if surfing top top the good Lakes. Because then, he's supported for people to always wear appropriately fitted life jackets and take as countless safety classes as possible, and also then larger tasks, favor requiring retailers to sell life jackets through recreational watercraft, prefer paddle boards and also kayaks.

People can uncover themselves in potential drowning instances after going overboard ~ above a boat, just jumping into the water to cool off or becoming detached from a towing activity, favor water skiing or tubing.

But the No. 1 reason those world ultimately cancel is since they weren't put on a life jacket. None of the good Lakes drowning victims in 2017, because that instance, to be wearing a life jacket.

Children much less than 6 year of age must wear a type I or kind II PFD when riding in the open deck area that a boat.Each human operating, riding on or being towed behind a an individual watercraft (jet ski) need to wear a kind I, type II or form III PFD (not an inflatable device).Each human less than 12 years of period riding or being towed behind a an individual watercraft (jet ski) have to wear a kind I or kind II PFD.
Vessels less than 16 feet (including canoes and also kayaks) must be equipped v one type I, II, III or IV PFD for each person on board.All vessels much less than 16 feet and also used on the good Lakes or connecting waterways room required to lug one approved type I, II or III maker for each human on board.Vessels 16 feet and longer, in addition to the type I, II or III for each human being on board must carry one type IV. (Canoes and kayaks over 16 feet space exempt from the type IV requirement.)All PFDs have to be all set at hand and also not fastened in plastic bags or other containers.

According to the U.S. Office of Transportation, about 70 percent (474 of 692) of all fatal boating accident victim drowned in 2017; 89 percent of those victims who drowned were no wearing a personal flotation device, or life jacket. The number is increase from 86 percent in 2000 and 88 percent in 2005.

Lt. Tom Wanless the the Michigan department of herbal Resources claimed that many boating-related drownings have the right to be avoided through boaters taking a safety class.

Boaters born after ~ June 30, 1996, and most an individual watercraft operators who run a vessel in Michigan, must have actually a boater education certificate, follow to the DNR.

"If it has been a lengthy time, take it it to be refreshed or learn around safe and also responsible boating," Wanless said. "Many laws have actually changed. Modern technology has changed."

"The only method a life coat will conserve your life is if it's worn and properly fitted," the said. "If that is sit on the chair or in a warehouse compartment, what great does that perform you?"

A Schoolcraft County guy drowned in Lake Michigan top top June 4 as soon as a kayak he and also a girlfriend were in overturned. The girlfriend was rescued. Neither guy was a wearing life jacket.

On may 16, a man from Lancaster, NY, drowned ~ a boat he to be on crashed into the break wall near the middle gap of the external Harbor in Lake Erie. Coastline Guard officials reported finding a bag complete of life jackets close to the boat, however not ~ above the drown victim. A single life coat floated on height of the break wall, officials said.

According come statistics compiled through the U.S. Shore Guard, 90 percent of human being who drown in a boating or water accident would be alive now if they had actually been wearing a life coat at the time of the accident.

"Tell someone wherein you space going and when you room planning to return so that if you don't return castle can call law enforcement," Wanless said. "Obey the laws. Store away from alcohol and other drugs. Make certain you have enough fuel not just to obtain to destination and ago but also a reserve."

Brigham, whose friend drowned in the Saginaw river in 2015, urges people to think plainly in emergency situations.

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