Asking exactly how long a softball video game is a little like asking how long a piece of wire is. That as long as that is. Softball is different from some other sports in the it’s not damaged down into certain blocks that time. If the defense is an excellent and can conveniently eliminate the various other team, the video game will more than quickly. Otherwise, it deserve to keep walk for several hours.

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The Rules

A softball game is separated into innings. Every inning is damaged down right into two parts: the top half and the bottom half. Throughout the height half, one team attempts to score and also the various other tries to prevent them native scoring. During the bottom half, the functions are reversed. Each half lasts as long as crucial for the defense to record three outs. After the innings space over, the team through the most runs wins the game.

Average Length

Games frequently last one hour or two, although longer and shorter games room possible. The length depends top top the variety of innings in the game. The typical game has seven innings, yet the rules enable anywhere in between three and also seven innings -- or even extr innings, in the occasion of a tie score.

Longest video game Ever

In July 2009, two teams in Alberta, Canada set a Guinness world Record. Lock played softball for 115 hours and also 3 minutes straight. The video game started on June 30th and went on until July 5th, once the winning team to walk away v a victory of 876-766.

Other Time Rules

According to international Softball Federation rule a regulation softball video game is 7 innings. If the teams space tied in ~ the end of the seventh inning, they can keep going to break the tie. This can extend the game considerably. Top top the various other hand, umpires can speak to the game in particular circumstances at their discretion, resulting in a much shorter game.

Softball likewise has something called “the mercy rule.” This is a rule that enables the game to end if one team has amassed a score much greater than the other team, and also it appears unlikely that the losing team could record up. This rule avoids humiliating the shedding team, however it likewise avoids games that keep going on and on.

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