College football can't come ago soon sufficient for numerous sports fans, however how long, exactly, do gamings take?

Most TV networks block off three hours for any type of given game, yet everyone should recognize to collection their DVRs to document at the very least an hour after ~ the game if they want to re-watch.

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As it transforms out, the average size of a college football game is 3 hours and also 24 minutes, follow to NCAA statistics.




College football games are noticeably longer than NFL games, which have actually ranged from 3 hours and 3 minute to 3 hours and also 12 minute in recent years. There are two main drivers for that difference, even though they usage the same 60-minute regulation video game clock.

First, college football has a 20-minute halftime break, compared to a 12-minute hiatus because that the pro game. Through marching bands such an ingrained part of the game's culture, it's tough to see that changing. University football rules also call for the clock to prevent after a team gets a very first down.

College football additionally has a much lengthier overtime. If the NFL has a 10-minute bonus duration that can finish after one score throughout the continual season, the college game gives both groups the ball and has got to seven overtimes on 5 occasions. Numerous matchups, consisting of a 2003 Arkansas-Kentucky classic, have approached five hours in operation time.

The size of a game is specifically long as soon as you consider that football gamings contain, ~ above average, simply 11 minute of action.

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College football games are the longest the any significant American sport. If baseball is regularly decried for its length of games, 2019 contests just timed in in ~ 3 hours and 5 minutes. NBA gamings in the 2018-19 season it is long 2 hours and 14 minutes, although over there is just 48 minutes of video game time, while university basketball, which has 40 hours of video game time, averaged just over 2 hours.