My hamster has actually escaped, and I simply realized it about an hour ago. That must"ve been gone for 2 or more days (stupid me did not inspect in that the past couple of nights, only offered food and also water). Over there is no resource of water and probably no food either whereby his cage is located, which is on the 3rd floor wherein our storage and also such are. Is there a possibility that he"s alive? I"m for this reason worried! :(



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A syrian might well endure for at least 4 days without food, but he would certainly be quite dehydrated.

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To the OP

Leave a few specific treats in every room. Preferabley in the middle. Check every few hours to check out if he is in that details room.

Also, you could hang increase a water bottle in the room friend think he is in. Chech under all furniure, or places warm and also cosy.

I execute hope you find him soon. Keep us updated



I recognize you room asking about a Syrian, yet my Dwarf Hamster escaped and was without food and also water for 2-3 days...When we uncovered her she was an extremely emaciated and also scared yet she lived.Keeping your Ham in mine thoughts...Hope you discover the baby shortly

You can shot sprinkling some flour or sand or any hamster-safe powdery substance in the room, therefore if her hamster runs across the floor, you"ll view footprints, which will let you recognize that her hamster is still alive.

The main trouble with survival will be water, but they will certainly be surprisingly great at gaining it indigenous drips, condensation, etc.

To it is in sure, despite - placed a little saucer or food of water in each room. Make certain all the doors space closed.

For food, count the end an exact variety of pieces of food - eg. Precisely 5 pieces of kibble or sunflower seeds.

As long as every the doors continue to be closed, just inspect the dishes every day until you view that one has had food removed... Climate you recognize which room her hamster is in

In terms of time, they can actually walk a few days without food or water. Hamsters can eat their poop to regain nutrients if there"s precise nothing else around.

A previous hamster of mine was lacking for end 2 weeks... We have actually no idea whereby she was acquiring food OR water, yet she popped increase safe and also sound behind the wardrobe. Don"t provide up hope



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Posted 28 December 2015 - 09:15 AM

try putting food and also water in the room you think the is in, and if the eats it you know he is in that room.

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make certain you close every the doors

i expect you discover him



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Posted 28 December 2015 - 05:40 PM

I have an idea of whereby he"s been at due to the fact that of chewed up boxes, but I still can"t discover him! There"s sooo plenty of spots wherein he can hide. Critical night, I placed some food around where he"s been at, yet it hasn"t been touched. I"m worried that he might not even be alive.
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